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Intergalactic Diplomacy: DMT is how they do it!

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Lewis Carroll — ‘It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.’

There was a time not too long ago, when if you were to tell someone that just by speaking into a small black cylinder with holes, you could communicate back and forth with an individual hundreds of miles away at the other end of the line, and you would probably be burnt alive on a stake for a claim so outlandish. You would be labeled a maniac and segregated for being ‘mentally ill’.

Does this treatment sound too harsh for someone who was just pronouncing a truth too nonconventional and hi-tech for their time? If yes, then how is it that we harbor no space and empathy anymore for sceptics from the present generation? Why are all those creative and non-conformative bogged down as ‘losers’ and labeled ‘conspiracists’- as if that’s a cussword!?

Telephones, in the nineteenth century, were an invention inconceivable for the average mind. And today, telephones are beyond archaic- we have cellphones now that are like supercomputers and these too are upgraded at regular intervals- the future is truly colorful, where anything seems possible!

Read This Before They Remove It: The Saturn and the Cube

So much potential and yet, the conversation on extraterrestrial life hits a dead-end every time it is initiated.

What if there was a way to communicate with beings from outside the skirts of Earth’s biosphere. Would a discovery so major be allowed public exposure? From experience, we can unearth the response as being a safe ‘no’. The government goes beyond being the guardians of truth; they have become the guardians of sacred knowledge!

There is evidence that there are substances that hold the capacity to introduce us to a world of sentient beings and marvelous adventures. Amongst those substances, the most unregulated one is DMT. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is ‘is an intense naturally-occurring psychedelic that’s also found endogenously in the human body.’ There are large numbers of people who are wholly convinced that DMT is possibly the guardian of the gateway to a world of extraterrestrials and afterlife. As per US government’s tradition, individuals with such beliefs are often demonized as being lunatics and ‘druggists’.

Source: Youtube
Created by: metaRising

Being inebriated on DMT has been informally termed as DMT ‘tripping’. The tripping experience is variously defined as being an out-of-body experience. From seeing completely new colors to visions filled with unimaginable shapes, the DMT experience is something indescribable and totally ‘wild’. Harnessing profound world-view changing capacities, DMT is a revolutionary drug that makes the human mind go to a place that is impossible to reach when conscious.

Owing to the potential of DMT, theorists such as Alex Jones believe that DMT is used in a far more sophisticated situations that only dimly lit parties with under-aged users. Jones proposes that there are government bodies using DMT to communicate with extraterrestrial beings.  In the interview below, when asked about why government bodies would even want to communicate with alien forces, he replies that if he answers this questions, he would be ‘killed for it’.

Source: Youtube
Created by: JRE Clips

Jones is not the only one convinced that the government has initiated complex efforts to make communication with aliens possible. There are others holding similar beliefs too and with very plausible theories:

Source: Youtube
Created by: Adventures Through The Mind

The possibility of DMT and psychedelics making interdimensional and galactic communication possible is because of the uniqueness and yet, the similarity of all DMT experiences. Playing on astral dimensions and dealing with a reality divided from the present universe, these trips are designed to ensure that your body experiences something completely unique. DMT is a drug with the potential to change people and revolutionize lifestyles. Playing on the idea that DMT usage can be used to communicate with extraterrestrial beings, there are theorists that are trying to research more on this question so that they can acquire external knowledge and learn more about foreign entities.

Source: Youtube
Created by: Anna Campbell

The State’s clandestine DMT operations further lead to the question: what if a DMT trip is not a trip, but another reality from another realm altogether? The possibilities are endless and the answers, completely absent. The ‘spirit molecule’ ingestion makes users see slinky toys, machine elves, gigantic mantis, sleeping Buddha, and more. Are the unique characters that we see when on DMT trying to communicate with us using psychedelic messages? Is a DMT Trip what life will be like when we die? Do our pineal glands actually secrete DMT and is the state promoting fluoride use to dissolve this naturally occurring gland in our body because they fear that we too might be able to communicate with outer-worldly beings?

These questions can be answered only with serious academic scholarship devoted to further research on DMT with a special focus on intergalactic communication. DMT induces results that are hard to explain because of the alien nature of these trips. However, what is very interesting to note is that most DMT trips have similar stories. These similarities can be used to conduct reliable research experiments with the hypothesis that with DMT ingestion, we are creating some sorts of mental portals that encourage interaction between ‘us’ and them. According to DMT specialists, DMT trips are supposed to induce something akin to slow dawn and slower horror. We are not advocates of using drug use but it is undeniable that a DMT can be truly life-altering. Let us use this horror and knowledge to traipse past state censors and access the universe beyond!


Read This Before They Remove It: The Saturn and the Cube

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Symbolism is everywhere. From nature to architecture, we have signs all around us that are trying to convey messages of a relevance greater than everyday life. Be it a color, or a texture, or a shape, nothing exists in its present form without reason. Leaves are green not because God was feeling cheerful when creating plants- the answer is chlorophyll.

We as human society need to look beyond the State-draped curtains and understand what the structures around are saying to us. They are wordlessly spelling out the deepest secrets of nature, the celestial, and human society. Amongst some of the most symbolic architectures of all time is a seemingly unremarkable, yet an unarguably magnetic black cube.

Is this black cube indicative of global occult worship? Is it a not-so-secret blueprint of the next biggest technology in the making? Is this cube a symbol for yet another State secret dealing with the extraterrestrials? Regardless of whatever the black cube symbolizes, the fact is undeniable that this cube boxes a great mystery which, with the evolution of the internet and growing human interest, can no longer be veiled under abstractionism.

From unbelievably brilliant linguistic tropes to truly convincing symbolistic notes, the mystery behind the Solar System’s sixth planet is enshrouded in science, religion, astronomy, and politics.

The historic relevance that surrounds Saturn is much larger than the planet’s size, which is the second-largest in the Solar System. A giant ball of gases, with stunningly beautiful gaseous rings, Saturn’s connections with religion and ancient societies are expansive. Named after the Roman God of Wealth, Saturn’s astronomic symbol represents God’s sickle.

All of the questions and mysteries surrounding Saturn starts with the eerie rhyming of this gorgeous planet’s name with God’s archenemy: Satan. By just removing the ‘r’ or silencing it, the word literally spells and sounds ‘Satan’. The biblical villainizing of Satan is deeply rooted in the obsession of satanic powers with wealth accumulation. Is it then a coincidence that Saturn is named after the God of Wealth himself? Is this naming a chillingly accurate means of labeling this planet the ‘God of Satans’? Or, the ‘Satan of Gods’, maybe?

Another strong indicator of the close relationship between Satan and Saturn is number 6. A truly prolific number in the study of Satanism and religion, it is common knowledge that the numbers 666, as termed in the Book of Revelation, conjoin to form the number of the beast. Also known as the devil’s number, the number 6 springs up just too many times to be a coincidence with correlation to Saturn.

  1. Saturn is the 6th planet in the solar system.
  2. Saturn forms the name ‘Saturday’, which is the sixth day of the week.
  3. Saturn’s north-pole is six-sided.
  4. Saturn has 6 most well-defined rings- the seventh one is quite faint.

Apart from the connections between Saturn and 6, the similarities between Saturn and Satan are plenty too. In Ancient Babylon, the people of Babylon who were pioneering technological geniuses of their time constructed a very tall hexagonal tower that had a cube at the very top. Atop this black cube, Babylonians climbed up to fight Satan himself! This tower was also constructed facing Saturn itself.

Read Also:  Scientific Research on the Planet Nine Hypothesis

This story raises many questions but the most pressing amongst them is: how did this ancient nation know where Saturn was?

Saturn’s exact shape, rings, and beauty have been the subjects of poems and fables centuries-old, much earlier than Galileo’s telescopic invention. The level of information on Saturn and its accuracy amongst ancient populations is proof that Saturn’s history has much more to unearth than has been discovered by the Renaissance men. Saturn’s ancient portrayal of a God that is capable of alternating between time and dimensions, or an old man with the knowledge of darkness, or the earliest form of modern-day Grim Reaper with a sickle speaks volumes about the creativity with which Saturn was an integral part of culture and literature.

Transitioning from antiquity to modernity, the planet Saturn today is an attractive discussion topic for science enthusiasts and teenaged nerds. From Cassini’s fatal voyage to the chilling NASA audio recording of the sounds being emitted from Saturn’s gaseous body, Saturn is all over social media. Religious fanatics have even gone as far as swearing that the audio recordings of Saturn are literally demonic screams from the house of Satan himself. Cassini’s demise, on the other hand, is another sensational topic that according to some citizens was a state-sponsored suicide propagated to destroy sensitive information before it was released to NASA.

Source: Youtube 
Created by  Spy Kitten TV


They are truly everywhere. From Manhattan to Mecca to Sydney, gorgeous and enormous black cubes are popular photo spots and tourist attractions in modern megacities.

The theorizations regarding these geometrical shapes are myriad and unbelievably creative. However, answers from the state and science are nil, if not scarce. From our motherboards to circuits to CPUs, technology has integrated this color and shape into our everyday life too. Taking into account religious aspects, from the Kabbah to Jewish headgear and Buddhist stupas, big black boxes symbolize something sanctimonious or God himself in various religious beliefs!

Saturn and the Black Cube to collide at a religious intersection, one that is ruled by Saturnian cults. These cults have worshipped Saturn and Satan for centuries now. Members of these cults, according to non-academic reports, are persons with significant wealth and local influence. No contemporary confirmed members have been outed as of yet.

Saturn’s rings, just like the black cube, form an important part of our daily lives. From marriage rings to halos, these rings are present everywhere, and are deeply ingrained in religion too!

Accelerating technological evolution, is the black cube a symbol for an upcoming grave scientific innovation that can disrupt humankind as we know it? Will this invention be premised upon satanic rituals and funded by the members of the secret Saturnian societies?

Or are the increased Saturn symbolizations and the black cube a warning that the world is soon to be overrun by the secret societies that are behind these dark imageries?

The speculations are many, the public is anxious, and the state, as always, is without any answers. Before dismissing these symbols as nothing worth being concerned over, remember that the universe is full of symbols and all of them are in existence for a reason.

Never stop seeking answers!

David Huggins – A Painter Who Fathered Alien Human Babies

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You may have met a lot of people who believe in aliens and you certainly have met many who don’t. Have you ever met one claiming to have sexual relations with an extraterrestrial? What if we tell you that there is a man who claims to have been in sexual relations with an alien female? He named her ‘Crescent’ and he is not afraid of her at all. In fact, he thinks these beings are childlike in nature.

If you still don’t want to believe in this story, we would understand.

But you might actually find this very interesting, once you delve a bit deeper into the fascinating accounts from a man who ‘lost his virginity to an alien woman.’

Love & Saucers: Everything is Fine…

You won’t be bored and may be, just maybe, you might end up believing his side of the story because he certainly does not seem a senile.

A trained artist who studied painting and drawing at the Art Students League of New York, David Huggins is originally from Georgia. A unique painter, David Huggins uses his art to illustrate his experiences with aliens. He was merely eight years old, when he first encountered these creatures.  And it was at the age of seventeen, when a female alien deflowered him. The alien encounters do not end here, rather it continues to get more interesting. According to Huggins, he fathers a group of hybrid human-alien babies now.

Aliens Suggested Him to Document Their Encounters

It is not like he was painting these alien figures from the beginning. His early paintings were mostly portraits and landscapes. It was in 1987, that he was told, by the aliens who regularly visited him, to start keeping a visual record of their encounters with him. It is on their suggestion that he decided to use his brush to paint his experiences that he has been through since his childhood.

Outsider Artist

Huggins has earned the right to be called an ‘outsider artist’ because his work is beyond the conventional confines of the world the vast majority of us believe in.

Researching further into profile/life story of David Huggins, much to our surprise we found out that he is not the only one who has documented something like that. People might not have gone as far as claiming sexual relations with aliens, but many have claimed to meet them.

What If You Had Sex With An Alien? – David Huggins, Love and Saucers

‘There Have Been Many People in the History Who Met Aliens’

There was Ionel Talpazan in 1980’s selling his work on Manhattan streets. He was a Romanian artist who caught attention due to his depictions of life in outer space and detailed cross-section of UFOs. He got lucky and soon became famous. Later, his work was even showcased in prominent museums and galleries.

Then, there was Howard Finster who was obsessed with flying saucer lore. A Baptist preacher who indulged himself in art, Finster worked mostly on art that was inspired by saucer lore solely.

However, none of such artists even came close to Huggins and his claim. His paintings also feature the human alien children whom he claims to father.

The First Climax

He has told his story several times on many different platforms and there is even a movie on his account of having sex with an alien. Let’s go through the details of his first time.

Love and Saucers: Trailer

It happened in 1961 when Huggins was only a teenager, living with his parents on a farm in rural Georgia. He wasn’t really far from his house when ‘Crescent’ appeared out of the woods, seduced him and they both got involved in the act.

His first ever painting about aliens was of this incident. This painting shows Crescent on top of Huggins. This may not be a very artistically amazing picture but it is definitely one of its kind.

If we are believe him, then he has been in sexual relationship with the extraterrestrial for almost fifty years, may be more!

10 Reasons Why We Need To Talk About Area 51

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From the 1947 Roswell UFO incident that labeled dozens of individuals as total ‘bonkers’, to the Betty and Barney abduction tragedy that hailed the biracial couple as ‘insomniacs’, self-acclaimed major press outlets and state personnel always have a talent for terming anything out of the ordinary as sensationalist and idiotic. The repeated total rejection of anything even remotely related to alien beings and unidentified flying objects (UFOs), is by now a recurring theme of government responses every time the word ‘extraterrestrial’ is even so much as whispered.

It is not so much the lack of belief and imagination of the US State that angers the general public as does their rampant labelling of innocent, normal folks as ‘psychos’ and tarnishing their reputations forever, just in the name of ‘Government Secret’ and ‘Nation’s Security’. This year, once again, politicians, military personnel, and honorary journalists went about poking their noses into public interest and twisted the quest for truth into a nonsensical news story. The storming of Area 51 and the hosting of Alienstock in Nevada were both important events that stood as a beacon for public demanding accountability and answers. However, both of these events, through a series of specifically malicious events, were cancelled, threatened off, and discarded as the fantasies of a bunch of lunatics.

Alien enthusiasts arrive in Nevada despite cancelled Area 51 event

Just in case, you too hold dubious opinions on the topic of Area 51 and its otherworldly importance, here are 10 reasons why the American people, the current Government, our ‘great’ politicians, and our spineless press finally need to start talking about Area 51.

But before we begin, very briefly, here is the ‘sensible’ and apparently ‘widely’ believed version of what Area 51 is exactly:

Area 51 is a highly-classified US Air Force facility located within Groom Lake area, in the deserted terrains of Southern Nevada. A unit amongst the many within Nellis Air Force Base, Area 51 is the 51st unit, titled ‘Nevada Test and Training Range’. This 38,400-acre land area has a restricted airspace and is amongst the most tightly secured spaces within the United States.

Area 51: The Government Conspiracy Truth

As goes the historical timeline, Area 51 was started being used as an open firing space and weapon development and testing center during the Cold War. The high security encompassing Area 51’s projects was in order to keep any information leaks away from the Russians.

And now, if we are done with popularly narrated history, here are 10 crucial reasons why the American nation needs to talk about Area 51:

  1. The High Secrecy that Surrounds Area 51

Area 51’s existence was only lately acknowledged by the government in 2013.

Why this extensive delay?

Secrecy- from the people that pay the taxes. Why? Is this level of secrecy even legal?

Area 51 is known for being the testing ground for technological geniuses like U2 and SR-71. Why then was the public not allowed to have any knowledge of this marvelous facility for all these years after the Cold War had ended?


  1. Vast Land Area- All Barred Off

Area 51 and the Groom Lake combined, is an area the size of New Haven, Connecticut. Just in case, you are unsure about the magnitude of Connecticut- a quick reminder: Connecticut has a population of more than 2 million people.

With an area so ginormous, the maintenance of secrecy is honestly a big feat to have been achieved. We commend the efforts of the US State and the CIA. But yet, just to remind these bodies; the pulling off of these remarkable feats is not why we are paying those millions dollars of taxpayer money.

Taxpayer money is no joke, and it is about time, we and the state realized the graveness of their actions and the consequences. We need to hold these people accountable for what they have been doing. They cannot do this to us anymore!


  1. Restricted Aerial Space

An aerial territory the size of a US State populated by 3 million individuals- restricted! Wiped out of the maps! And, a secret till only 2013! You have got to be freaking kidding us! How come we let this go on for so, so long?

And when astronauts did manage to take photographs of Area 51 by mistake, the National Photographic Interpretation Center ordered their immediate removal. This was back in 1974 and no photographs of Area 51 have been taken following this incident.

Let that sink in.

  1. Technological Genius

The high levels of technology breeding within the grounds of Area 51 begets the question- WHY should knowledge so fascinating and mind-blowing be kept a secret? Knowledge is power- so why are American citizens being deprived of this empowerment?

Is the government afraid of letting us know just what technology is evolving within Area 51? These questions are important and for answers- we need to talk about Area 51 with rejuvenated vigor and seriousness!

  1. UFO Sighting a Stupendous Hoax

So a blackbird-like-aircraft higher up than airplanes was assumed to be a UFO by a small town and the government let this rumor float around about because- anything to let not the Russians know?!

Are we actually supposed to believe this nonsense?

  1. U2 and CIA rumors

The CIA is a defense body with high integrity and an esteemed position within all government organizations. Why, we ask, pray tell, would an agency so supreme let meagre jokes reign unhinged and allow UFO rumors to spread just for the sake of maintaining secrecy?

So the CIA needs the support of trifle jokes to protect their billion dollar, highly classified defense missions?

With pure frankness, let us add that this is insanity at a level absolutely incomprehensible.

We will no longer fooled!


The response of a high-profile Air Force official to a Facebook posting speaks volumes about the seriousness with which the government is committed to silencing any and all arguments against Area 51. McAndrews had the following words for an enthusiastic group of teenagers and young adults eager to head to Nevada in the quest for truth: ‘The U.S. Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.’

What does Ms. McAndrews mean by ‘assets’ and just what sort of protection is she guaranteeing ‘America’ by this thinly veiled, implicitly hostile threat?

On the other hand, a spokesperson for the Nellis Air Force Base had the following warm and encouraging words to tourists excited about heading to Nevada:

“Those who trespass on a federal installation without proper authority will be apprehended until they can be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and are subject to local and federal penalties and prosecution.”

  1. Cold War- A Cold Excuse!

It is said that the Cold War was the cause for the inception of Area 51. How then have people being reporting UFO sightings since far before this tragic war? The 1947 Roswell incident coupled with silenced stories of UFO sightings before this incident all precede the Cold War.

Questions with no answers plague the history of Area 51- but now, we NEED answers!

  1. Storm Area 51

The sheer brilliance with which Alienstock was diverted away from Nevada to Las Vegas is indicative of the ingenuity that the government is capable of depicting when they want to go to all lengths to protect their highly classified information.

Storm Area 51, an idea ignited by the infamous Bob Lazar was quickly shelved as a joke by renowned journalistic bodies. Discarded as a meme, the storming never took place because of explicit government threats and the sudden hostility of the otherwise famously kind and generous townspeople near Area 51.

 Bob Lazar Interview 1989

  1. What Does The Government And Defense Really Have To Hide?

Our government works for our safety, and using our money.

WHY then must they have to so heavily censor what is being done for our very protection?

Why must all of this dubiousness prevail if at the end of the day, all of these protective measures are for the American nation?

We have the right to know what the government is doing with taxpayer money, and how it is being utilized for the defense of the government. We demand answers to the ongoing and boundless secrecy to Area 51.

Under the guise of providing us security and premium defense mechanisms, is the US State concealing from us some facts alien to human society? What the government is really up to is the question that begs to be asked and DEMANDS urgent, crucial, and very prompt answers.

Understanding the human consciousness and the concept of soul

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In this piece, we are going to introduce the concept of soul (as understood by humans starting from the ancient peoples) and how human consciousness is linked to existence of the Soul.

Moreover, renowned scientists associated with quantum physics have presented possible explanations of near-death experiences and tried to solve the incomprehensible mystery of such experiences by suggesting that soul may be originates from the microtubules inside brain neurons. This is not some made-up statement; in fact, there are scientific studies and academic publications already published on the matter to decipher this conundrum. Before we can understand how it all fits together, it is important to address the fundamental questions.

Does soul really exist in humans? Does soul exist for all other animals on Earth?

Most people believe that soul does exist in humans. Before we delve deep into the existence and origins of soul, it is important to understand different theories and point of views on the basic idea of the soul.

What is Soul?

There might be a variety of answers to this question, owing to diverse understanding of the concept, largely due to different philosophical or religious interpretations. One thing is common amongst the majority that soul is something non-physical and immaterial. There is also an unwritten, unspoken consensus among the majority that ‘soul does exist’ in some form in human body and/or universe.

Oxford English Dictionary defines soul as the ‘spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.’ According to Britannica Encyclopaedia, soul is the ‘immaterial aspect or essence of a human being, that which confers individuality and humanity, often considered to be synonymous with the mind or the self.’ [1]

This may seem a futile exercise highlighting definitions from the world renowned and widely-accepted academic publications. But it is important to note the stark differences even in those descriptions.

The point is that soul is such an abstract concept that since beginning of times, there seems to be a divergent understanding of this ‘essence of a living being’ – this causes so many problems because the concept of soul is linked to human life on earth and if it is immortal and there is an afterlife for the soul, then it changes the moral understanding of our world, in the past, current and future.

Going back to the ancient Egyptian people, we know that they believed in something of a dual soul, mainly of ‘Ka’ and ‘Ba’, although their concept of soul had multiple parts. They included the body, spiritual body and heart amongst other things. Heart (referred by jb or ib) was the ‘source of good and evil within a person, the moral awareness and center of thought that could leave the body at will, and live with the gods after death.’ [2]

The Ka part of the soul was considered the ‘double’ or ‘breath’ of a person, which stayed in the body till death. It was considered the vital essence for a living being and it would leave the body at death. But it would survive death! The Ba part of the soul was believed to be the spiritual entity, which gave person his/her personality and Ba could wander between the living and dead. It was visualized or represented as human-headed bird or falcon that could survive the dead and may join with the Ka to support the dead in the afterlife. [2]

The amazing thing is that some derivations of the ancient Egyptians’ idea about the soul exist in many a people to this day. The question is why? Were they not a primitive civilization as compared to the present day? Or is it that they were closer to the basic truths?

Ancient Chinese also had an idea of dual soul an ethereal, spiritual part and another corporeal (physical or related to the body – a part of the soul being eternal after death. The other major rationales and theories were developed by philosophers and thinkers amongst the Greeks, including Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. These groups of people formed the bedrock of Western philosophical thought in many centuries after and to this day are very relevant to our understanding of the soul.

But before that time, there is something else of importance that might have happened. A significant number of people believe that there might be another species or race (similar to humans) living in our solar system far away. If they exist, these extra-terrestrials are also believed to have certainly had some kind of contact with the ancient people. What if these ETs came to the earth in relation to human souls? This is according to William Henry, an investigative mythologist who focuses on ancient mythology and neo-archeology. He raises the question that rather than coming to Earth for gold or some sort of genome project to alter DNAs of future humans, many centuries ago, extra-terrestrials came here to the Earth for souls and not for gold as some have earlier rationalized.

‘May be they were sent to our world here to help our souls ascend.’

Introduction: Awakening the Soul – Arcanum with William Henry

What if this theory has any substance? This would be absolutely crazy, right!

We cannot entirely rule it out because may be us (present-day humans) have not understood the significance of soul and where does it come from or goes, with birth and death. Science may not have many answers on this subject. Yet, two scientists have been working on something that may help us get closer to the truth about origins of soul in the human body. Renowned British physicist Roger Penrose and American physician Dr. Stuart Hameroff have developed a quantum theory of consciousness that may integrate religious, philosophical and traditional views about the soul with quantum physics.

TEDx Brussels – Stuart Hameroff – Do we have a quantum Soul?

More on their work and other amazing scientific effort to seek the truth in the next blog – How the Greeks before Christ gradually developed their understanding of the soul and how much were the views of post-Enlightenment European thinkers, a few hundred years back, different from the early Greek philosophy.


[1] T. E. o. E. Britannica, “Soul | religion and philosophy |,”, [Online]. Available:
[2] tourtil1, “The Ancient Egyptian Concept of the Soul,” 27 October 2014. [Online]. Available:

Scientific Research on the Planet Nine Hypothesis

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This is part 2 of our blog on Planet X or Planet 9 (Nine) or Nibiru.

In the first part, we ended the blog on the thought that people associating Nibiru cataclysm with Mayan 2012 phenomenon were wrong but is NASA right to completely reject the other point of views.

What we understood based off our internet research, one of the scientists countered the idea of a rouge planet by suggesting that if this Planet X had come through the solar system in the past and that if it’s on an orbit of 3600 years, this planet would have definitely affected the orbits of the inner planets anywhere form Mercury to Neptune and possibly affecting the satellites like moons and other bodies that scientists have ascertained to exist currently.

We raised the question previously – Can it be that some parts of those theories may hold true? Is it possible that differing voices (against mainstream media and governments) know that something like Planet X exists and is real, but may not have entirely decoded the facts of this mysterious planet?

According to the researchers (Batygin and Brown) at Caltech who have been working on the Planet Nine hypothesis for last few years, first presented the idea in 2016 that a substantial planet may exist in our solar system beyond Neptune in Kuiper Belt.

(Kuiper Belt is the region ‘extending from the orbit of Neptune to approximately 50 AU from the Sun’)

Evidence of a Ninth Planet – Caltech 2016 report

In 2016, their research did not agree with the theory regarding orbit of 3600 years. Back then they believed that the orbit may be 20 times bigger than that of Neptune, which means that it could take anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 years for this planet to orbit the sun. [1]

You can find their 2016 paper titled ‘Evidence for a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System’ which includes a lot of cool scientific details at the following address: ->

These scientists are not the only ones on this quest for truth. Astronomers Chad Trujillo and Scott Sheppard first proposed this idea based on their research a few years back about ‘the existence of a large “perturber” far beyond Neptune.’ [2] Both these research is focusing on a lot of weird and unexplainable things happening in the outer solar system in the Kuiper Belt and these scientists, believe that there is no other plausible way to explain these phenomena other than a giant planet, five to ten times larger than the Earth.

In 2019, Batygin and Brown along with a few more scientists, published another scientific paper at Caltech titled ‘The planet nine hypothesis’ [3] in which their colleague Fred Adams from University of Michigan emphasized that there are ‘multiple reasons to believe that Planet 9 is real, not just one.’

Hollywood Controls the Future: Predictive Programming, Mind Control, and Notorious Events in US History

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From attendance taking mechanisms in educational institutions to registrations within private and government bodies, the biometric system is today spread wide across the entire global. This system, despite being highly advanced- and according to critics a sheer breach into the personal space and privacy- has been very easily incorporated into the daily life of average Americans. The high levels of technological sophistication required to perfect the biometric system can be credited to years of research within scientific advancements. However, the time, resources, and efforts required to garner easy acceptance for this system into the human society hail back to many, many decades. If we are completely okay today with scanning our fingers to transport ourselves from one mere room to another, then the upcoming wave of intravenously microchipping employees too seems nothing more than just another corporate norm. This quick acceptance of new laws, norms, and even horrifying incidents, is what is called Predictive programming.

Term coined by Researcher Alan Watt, Watt defines predictive programming as, ‘a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” From terrorist attacks to presidential assassinations, to new technologies and important political events, predictive programming has been utilized in a number of ways by the government, media, and ultimately, unknown Higher Powers.

Controlling minds and preconditioning ordinary American folks through subtle expertize since their childhood, the media and the state set the ball rolling right when we are in our early developmental phase of life. The most popular example of predictive programming and its complex integration into the everyday life is that of 9/11 foreshadowing in cartoons, films, advertisements, and television series. Dating back to as early as 1948, with the animated series ‘Porky the Pig’ first mentioning ‘falling towers’ [1], the efforts dedicated to subconsciously readying American minds for an attack on the World Trade Centre have been thorough and extensive.

The resources allocated to this level of expert subconscious programming is evocative of the mightiness and high influence of the powers behind this entire super-structure. It is hard to believe that a structure so intricate can be laid out by solely human political actors; there are definitely other entities slithering in the backgrounds, master minding all the events that are now slowly unfolding!

On state interventions into the private lives of American citizens, Hollywood has played a major role in normalizing biometric verification systems, microchipping, face recognition technologies, and scanning systems. Science Fiction is quite a convenient genre for introducing the most wildest of ideas and concepts because when one combines fiction and science, the human imagination truly knows no bounds. This movie genre- surprise, surprise -also happens to be the one producing the highest numbers of films per year. Under the guise of creative freedom, Hollywood directors have for years been preconditioning our brains to slowly accept the most bizarre and horrifying invasions of our privacy. By bringing to the screens hyper-futuristic looking film plots and presenting technologies such as chip implants as being so far into the future that humanity will probably never be able to reach there, we today are completely brainwashed and readily accepting microchips surgically implanted into our palms!

The American youth belonging to the current generation are the largest consumers of mainstream media. This realization brings with itself immense fear because the concepts that are being slowly eased into their sub-consciousness are far more complex, high-tech, and powerful than those the previous generations were subjugated to. The groups in charge of the havoc slowly approaching the American society are absolutely relentless in their efforts and are willing to go to any extents to ensure flawless executions of their plans. If films like The Hunger Games and dystopian novels like 1984 truly are a part of predictive programming to prepare our minds for a global totalitarian regime, then now is the time to display complete and constant vigilance and uncover the real faces of those spearheading these otherworldly schemes


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Greek Philosophers on Soul and Human Consciousness – Part II

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This article is part of our ‘Soul’ series at Alien Nation Corporation where we want to try and discuss about the abstract concept of soul. (You can read the first piece by clicking here)

Last time out, we tried to open the conversation and put forward different views about soul societies and peoples had in the last few millennia. We tried to address some the following questions with established views about soul in Ancient Egypt and China, amongst other different views.

What is Soul?

What is the nature of Soul?

How does it come into existence? Or where does the soul come from?

Is soul the same thing as spirit?

We left off in the last blog after introducing the scientific work of Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff, who have been working on a ‘quantum theory of consciousness’ which may link the human consciousness to the existence of the soul.

Two scientists have shown that the soul exists and that “never dies but returns to the Universe”

Last time out, we discussed views presented by William Henry (host of Gaia TV series) in the following video. He highlights different views that people have had for centuries in trying to answer the following question ‘How are souls created?

One of the most fascinating theory presented was about ETs from back in time. A significant number of people believe that there might be another species or race (similar to humans) living in our solar system far away. If they exist, these extra-terrestrials are also believed to have certainly had some kind of contact with the ancient people. What if these ETs came to the earth in relation to human souls? This is according to William Henry, an investigative mythologist who focuses on ancient mythology and neo-archaeology. He raises the question that rather than coming to Earth for gold or some sort of genome project to alter DNAs of future humans, many centuries ago, extra-terrestrials came here to the Earth for souls and not for gold as some have earlier rationalized.

‘May be they were sent to our world here to help our souls ascend.’

Arcanum with William Henry (Season 2 Introduction)

Is it out parents that create the soul? It could be God that creates your soul.’ Or another possible response may be that ‘you yourself created soul when you were born (and that you will be responsible for your soul’s ascension).’

Does every living being has a soul? Do animals have a soul, just like humans?

Our time on earth is finite as humans, but some hold the view (either religious or atheistic beliefs) that souls may not be finite. The idea presented is that souls may be finite in this universe but vassals (containers) for souls are infinite (may be like the beliefs in Hinduism). Something of the view that souls line up for a possibility of human incarnation or embodiment.

How a Spirit or Soul Comes to Exist? Origin of the Soul

(Video version and Article for this topic)


So it brings us to our next question about souls:

Is it immortal? If it dies, when does it die? What happens to it after we die if it is immortal?

For discussion on this aspect, we will dive into the western philosophical thought, the beginnings of which can be said to originate from Ancient Romans and Greeks before Christ. We will discuss how soul was viewed in Ancient Greece and theories that were developed by philosophers and thinkers amongst the Greeks, including Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Socrates (470 BC – 399 BC) was one of the first philosophers who made a clear distinction between the body and the soul. He considered them two separate entities, with soul being the entity that gives life to the body. For him, death occurs when the soul leaves the body or when there is a separation of the soul and the body. His ideas are presented in the Phaedo by Plato in his famous Platonic dialogues where Plato claims to include conversations and views of Socrates (Plato’s teacher) shortly before his death. Phaedo, also known as ‘On the Soul’, contains four arguments for the existence of soul.

  • The Cyclical Argument (or The Opposites Argument)
  • Theory of Recollection
  • Affinity Argument
  • Argument from Forms of Life (The Final Argument)

In essence, Plato believed that soul along with being immortal, was ‘immaterial and incorporeal substance.’ In Plato’s tripartite theory of the soul, he defines his idea on soul. According to this theory, Plato argued that soul is composed of three different parts:

  • Logical or Rational
  • Appetitive
  • Spirited

Arguments for the existence of the soul, Part I

Introduction to Plato’s Phaedo; Arguments for the existence of the soul, Part II

These are pretty cool videos if you want to know more about logical arguments for existence of soul. The 2nd part of this lecture introduces the Phaedo by Plato, and presents arguments in favour of existence of an immortal, incorporeal soul.

Aristotle (384 BC – 322BC), another great Greek philosopher, believed in the immortality of the soul. But his understanding of soul was slightly different from Plato. Aristotle believed that soul is principle of life and soul is what makes, animals and plants, living things. Aristotle considered substances and things of being made of matter and form.  According to Aristotle, soul was the form of all living things. However, he believed that soul had three parts or types:

  • Vegetative or Nutritive Soul (Irrational) – Responsible for growth and nutrition (shared amongst all human beings)
  • Appetitive Soul (Irrational) – Responsible for desires
  • Logos or Rational Soul – Responsible for intellect (only present in humans)

Of these parts of soul, Socrates believed, only the rational part of soul is immortal and survives death. ‘Aristotle’s conception of the soul was obscure, though he did state that it was a form inseparable from the body.’ [1]

(It is worth pointing out that Aristotle studied at Platonic academy from somewhere around 367-347 BC)