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Does Universe Go On Forever?

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As long as the human history continues, star gazing does too.  Humans have been looking up to the sky and marveling at the beauty of stars since the beginning of times. Our ancestors, we can imagine must have looked up and thought about the vastness of the sky. Every civilization from the past has tried to mark their position in the universe, often having their attempts ending in futility.

Back Tracking to Ancient Times

The systems developed by Babylon and Egyptian civilizations to understand our universe, became the basis for Greek astronomy. Indians, Chinese, and people from the Americas came up with their own systems.

The reason we were able to get our hands on Greek literature is because their astronomical work was taken up by Arab academics during the Abbasid and Umayyad rules, predominantly during the 8th and 9th century. This was when the Arabic empires took control of many regions out west that were previously Hellenized areas e.g. Egypt and Levant (present day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Palestine).

The progress on the Greek work continued it from Islamic Arab and Persian empires, and then this creeps into early modern European astronomy, which carried the work forward at exponentially faster pace. So, basically we owe it to Greeks today for the knowledge about cosmos.

Cosmos and Universe

Many times, people confuse between cosmos and universe. To define cosmos in simpler words we would just say that it sums up everything Milky Way, the galaxies, and even the universe.

Alien Nation

Even the word ‘cosmos’ originates from Greek language, the Greek word ‘kosmos’ means ‘order’ and ‘world’ both. Cosmos is a system that is only governed by natural laws.

Now, one would naturally inquire what the meaning of the word ‘universe’ is. Well, pretty much the same!

Everything that exists, that we know existed, or is existing, or will exist in future is the universe. It includes literally everything from matter to planets to galaxies to energy and to the elements; time, space, and vacuum.

It is tricky and it messes up the mind. If universe and cosmos are the same things then why are they not used synonymically for each other? To be honest, they are used alternatively at most times. The only difference is that the universe refers to narrower scope whereas, cosmos is large and a complex system.

How Big Our Universe Is…

Alien Nation

When you start to think about all this deeply, then the question naturally comes up that how big is the universe? How large are the cosmos?

Let us try to address some answers to these questions …

It is well-known now that human race is living in a very tiny segment of the universe. Our planet is part of the universe which is vast and gigantic. This is not the limit though, cosmos are even bigger. We need to understand one thing before we go berserk in calculating the vastness, depth, and all the other exciting stuff about our universe.

As we have mentioned earlier, humans have been intrigued about this throughout our history. Naturally, there have been numerous astronomers throughout times and still are, who have dedicated their lives to serve this purpose.

Luckily, today technology development has offered us many new tools and instruments for astronomers, to be able to look back and study how and when big bang occurred. Now, this creates a great misconception that it means astronomers are able to view or understand the entire universe these days.

Alien Nation

The size of universe cannot be easily determined with any certainty, at least at the time of this writing, as it is dependent on several elements like the shape of the universe, its continuous expansion, and about the many mysterious constituents. The fact is; no one has ever been able to put a number definitely next to the size of universe. Now, the other mind boggling question that follows is; does it go on forever?

The light we see in the sky comes from the planets or stars which are tens of thousands of years away from our planet Earth. And these distant structures we are talking about, are actually the nearest ones. Now try to imagine the enormity of our universe.

Sarah Gallagher, who is an astrophysicist at University of Western Ontario, once replied on the question about how big is our universe, “That may be something that we actually never know.” read more

Although it may seem impossible to know but the remote possibility of unearthing these important facts, coupled with curious and inquisitive human nature, has meant that scientists and academics continue to keep trying.

Light and Distance

The closer an object is, the easier it is to measure it. Same applies to the objects in our universe. We know exactly how big the sun is, and humans already have measured the dimensions of the moon accurately enough. To tell you the truth, calculating the moon dimensions was much easier than the sun.

All scientists did was sent a beam of light upwards and calculated the time it took to bounce off the surface of the moon and coming back. Easy right? Not so much for other distant objects…

First of all we need a beam of light that has enough energy and strength. We mean really strong to travel to all the far-off planets, stars, and to whatever that is lurking in the unknown realms of our universe. Even if we are able to have such a strong light source, the second problem will still be there: Time.

Who has thousands of years to sit tight and wait for the light to travel back to our planet?

Alien Nation

This is however not the end for our astronomer friends… they have some dope tricks rolled up in their sleeves. This is now a common knowledge that stars tend to change their color as they age. So, our dear scientists estimate the energy, and light of these stars based on the color. The father one appear dimmer than the ones which are near us.

How Far The Edge Is?

Now, the next question is; what is the absolute edge of universe and how can we figure that out? This is the mind baffling one. We know that the light from the far, far off stars take billions of years to reach us, what if some of them are so far from us that even after all these billion years of universe, light hasn’t reached the Earth?

According to a physicist at SUNY (State University of New York), Buffalo, Will Kinney, “we can only see a tiny, little bubble of [the universe]. And what’s outside of that? We don’t really know.” He also mentioned, “There’s no evidence that the universe is finite,” he said, “It might very well go on forever.” read more

There is still no way to tell if it’s finite or not. And sadly, we only know very little about it. Our universe is freaking huge but that is not all. Our observable universe is expanding and the edges are moving away from us faster than their light is able to reach back to us. It means we may never be able to observe more of our universe than we are currently capable of doing today.


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The Third Eye, Near Death Experiences, DMT, and the Pineal Gland

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“Psychedelic experience is only a glimpse of genuine mystical insight, but a glimpse which can be matured and deepened by the various ways of meditation in which drugs are no longer necessary or useful. If you get the message, hang up the phone. For psychedelic drugs are simply instruments, like microscopes, telescopes, and telephones. The biologist does not sit with eye permanently glued to the microscope, he goes away and works on what he has seen…”

Alan Wilson Watts

Encouraging access to a level of perception beyond the ordinary light, the ‘Third Eye’ is nature’s greatest gift for human beings. Especially in a time where State attempts at cortical calcification are rising, drug-control is being mandated by law, and freedom of speech is being curtailed by the rampant usage of derogatory slurs, the third eye offers us a portal outside of the punitive nature of a state-censored reality. The correlation between death, DMT, and the pineal gland makes up a triangle infused with ingenuity, mystery, and knowledge.

Alien Nation

What happens after we cease to exist?

The possibilities are endless, but a plausible, single truth, is absent. Amongst the greatest mysteries of nature is the mystery of what happens to human body after death.

Does the soul escape into a realm designated for the departed?

Does the soul undergo an entrance test examination for either ‘The School of Hell’, or ‘University of the Heavenly’? Or is the afterlife absolute blackness, and a never-ending void of nothingness?

What if there was a way to get a taste of the ‘after’, in the ‘present’?

There are a large number of testimonials present from DMT users that purport similar responses from all – wild shapes, all sizes, new colors, and undiscernible beings. The reasons for these similar testimonials vary. The most overarching explanation for this phenomenon may be that the visions experienced when one is inebriated on DMT is an entrance into a world where great mysteries are unraveled. There are fascinating accounts that explicitly state that gaining consciousness following a DMT trip was akin to being granted a life after death.

‘To some David Icke is a charismatic rebel fighting against the unseen powers which rule the world. To others he is a dubious figure deserving of scorn and ridicule. But whatever you may think of him, David is one of the world’s most prominent conspiracy theorists and has a global following to match.’

AYAHUASCA & PSYCHEDELICS – David Icke talks about the third eye:

Source: YouTube

Created by: London Real

Intense, riveting, and transformative, a DMT breakthrough is a portal to a realm very much alike the Third Eye being utilized to its full potential. DMT has a marked effect on the serotonin levels in the body. This, coupled with DMT’s natural occurrence in the pineal gland, together combine to form a feeling of sudden knowledge and intelligence post-DMT ingestion. DMT users claim to have seen the strangest kaleidoscopic Alien fractals, unknown intelligent beings, and violent geometric shapes.

“It may be that DMT makes us able to perceive what the physicist call “dark matter” – the 95 per cent of the universe’s mass that is known to exist but that at present remains invisible to our senses and instruments.”

Graham Hancock

Alien Nation

Pineal Gland – The Gateway to Expanded Consciousness – The Human Brain Series – Part 20:

Users that felt like they had briefly died when on their DMT trip claimed that they were transported to another universe, as if a gateway had opened and their world had suddenly magnified thousand-fold.

This opening of a portal to the universe is similar to the function of the Third Eye, philosophically and controversially believed to be a manifestation of the pineal gland. The profound impact of DMT on the mind’s perception of knowledge may be one reason for DMT regulation- the government is not too keen to have its citizens roaming about with uninhibited access to nature’s deepest secrets.


A testament to the power of DMT, the Third Eye, and the wonders of the universe, this written experience of a user after a DMT trip is a poignant and evocative testimony of the many secrets that our universe harbors, waiting to be explored:

Source: YouTube

Created by: Anna Campbell

‘My first breakthrough was my introduction to the other side. It was essentially a guided tour. I was taken down to molecular level so I could observe how the “everything” is connected by a neural-type web on one plane. Not having a physical form was unique, I kept trying to look at my non-existent hands. Just a consciousness in space with zero linear time. Then to the edge of our galaxy for a look at our home. I started with a flurry of questions of which I was told “not now”…then awake’

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STARLINK – A Satellite Constellation that is Becoming a Nightmare for Astronomers

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Space Exploration Technologies Corp., commonly known as SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, is the biggest name in the space transportation and launch services industry.

But we are not here to tell you about the history of this ambitious aerospace firm or provide you insights on its owner, Elon Musk. There is plenty of media coverage, including hyped-up online content, on both SpaceX and the eccentric personality of Elon Musk.

Instead, here we will discuss more specifically about their super project ‘Starlink’. This satellite constellation project aims to launch, up to 42,000 satellites! At the time of writing this piece, about 120 satellites have already been launched and deployed in their orbit.

The primary application of launching thousands of satellites is to provide high-speed internet with global network connectivity, providing affordable internet access in previously underserved areas of the world. Now, this plan seems massive and it is set to bring drastic changes to internet access and connectivity; quite different from what we are familiar with today.

A project this big cannot be devoid of conspiracies and rumors, with all the sophistications and complexities involved. So, let’s dig deeper to learn a bit more about this colossal satellite constellation.

The largest shareholder and the catalyst behind this project, Elon Musk, is well aware of the fact that no entity before him has been this successful in commissioning, or even planning, commercial operations of broadband satellites on such an enormous level. Since the history of satellite internet is full of numerous accounts of failures and setbacks.

Alien Nation

He had admitted, “No one has ever succeeded in making a viable low Earth orbit communication constellation right off the bat… I do believe we’ll be successful, but it is far from a sure thing.” read more

Reasons for Failure

There are many possible reasons (both financial and technical) that can you set you back, before such a project becomes commercially viable and sustainable. Moreover, it is not like Starlink has no competition at all. Other satellite operators are obviously going to pose a serious competition. Then, there are terrestrial broadband providers also to compete with. Not many analysts and observers are talking about the regulatory hurdles (current and future). Plus, the important question that remains: would there be such an upsurge in broadband internet demand, (on which the entire business model of the Starlink relies on), as calculated by SpaceX?

Low Earth Orbit and Challenges

Previously, couple of large satellites for similar applications were placed in geosynchronous orbit by other entities but Starlink is going with a different approach. They will place thousands of broadband satellites in low Earth orbit. These satellites will be able to cut down the communication delays, up to 20 milliseconds approximately because they are just a few hundred miles above our planet.

Alien Nation

Starlink is not the only project using low Earth orbit for deployment of these satellites. It has competition in the form of Amazon’s Project Kuiper, Telesat (formerly Telesat Canada), and OneWeb satellite constellation, who also have their satellites deployed in low Earth orbit. And this leads us to the major challenge Starlink would have to face as it develops and expands this project further.

With this flooding of satellite networks in Earth’s orbit, it might become tough for SpaceX to differentiate its own broadband constellations from others in the orbit.

Apart from engineering technicalities, there is one more problem; in fact, a serious one. All these satellites are adding to the anxiety of astronomers studying these major developments. The astronomer society is not particularly pleased with the idea of much more increased satellite traffic in the coming years, raising their concerns based off the current state of affairs.

Concerns Raised by the Astronomical Society

“I felt as if life as an astronomer and a lover of the night sky would never be the same,” an astronomer at the Smith College, James Lowenthal is not so receptive of these ‘visionary’ ideas. He is also afraid that, “it will look as if the whole sky is crawling with stars.” read more

Alien Nation

This is not all that we have to be cautious about. In picture comes the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), a billion dollar telescope under construction in Chile. This 27-feet tall telescope will have resolving power about 10 times more than the Hubble Telescope. The scientists believe that this telescope will be able to scan the entire sky every three days.

However, the problem faced by this giant telescope (also called large synoptic telescope) is that it would pick numerous objects or satellites like Starlink, even if they are darkened. This can cause a streak of light, a bright one, which can directly cross the objects ahead, which need to be studied. It is plain and simple that many bright moving objects in the sky are just going to make life really tough for all the astronomers, hindering proper observation of the relevant activity in the orbits and space surrounding our planet.

James Lowenthal statement shows how fearful he is when he said, “It potentially threatens the science of astronomy itself.” read more

Alien Nation

The project is still on going and even after all the pressure from renowned astronomers, no corrective response of any significance regarding the matter has been indicated in any official communication by SpaceX until now.


There is a set of four phased array radio antennas which will be used for signals communications. This type of radio antenna is flat and compact but it can transmit in multiple frequencies and various directions, without having to move even an inch. A single solar array is present which resembles a map as it unfolds upwards. Single solar arrays are simpler and keep the cost in check are simpler.

There is also a krypton-powered ion thruster. The working of thrusters is a bit complex as they use charge difference to shoot out ions. This particular operation requires a propellant.

Lastly, there is a collision avoidance system and star tracker. For some reason, SpaceX never defined these two in detail. What we do know from the released pictures is that the star tracker is responsible for passing on the information about the nearby stars to satellites. Whereas, collision avoidance system uses data from government’s databases to avoid known debris along the course.

Working and Unanswered Questions

Soon, there will be thousands of satellites moving along in their orbits at the same time. Although there are still many speculations and not a lot of things are entirely clear, with the start of commercial operations of such satellite networks, Starlink will be beaming high-speed internet with low latency, to each and every corner of the world. Having said that, there are still question marks about how much of an area will each satellite cover, nothing is concrete about the redundancy requirements as well.

How Will Elon Musk’s Starlink Deliver Internet Around the Globe?

Source: Youtube

Created by: Seeker

Not everyone is 100% convinced about the interconnectivity, adding further to numerous mysteries surrounding Starlink.

For example, a Starlink user wants to visit a website hosted in Africa and the user is located in the US.

How will the communication channel exactly work?

Will signals go up to Starlink, between satellites, and then travel back, let’s say, to the nearest base?

Will it go down the interconnect point on the backbone serving the region in question?

Does it come down to local backbone where fiber connects?

Ordinary user may not be interested in all these technical details. But important stakeholders like Netflix and similar entities are definitely keeping a close eye on the proposed operational features and workings of the constituent elements of Starlink.

Another ambiguity that still exists is the (range of) cost for the resulting internet connection. SpaceX often releases several statements which are general and vague: the idea that SpaceX wants to keep prices competitive with terrestrial broadband.

Bottom Line

We are largely dependent on fiber optic cables or wireless towers for internet access. And there are several remote and hard-to-access areas that have no proper internet access due to the areas being too far away from the required infrastructure. SpaceX’s vision is to change this, bringing internet access for every corner of our planet. Before the first satellite launch, CEO of the company Elon Musk declared, “This will not only provide internet access to areas that don’t have it, but provide competitive access to areas that already have connectivity.” read more

Reptilian Extraterrestrial as an Imposter Cult Leader And A Murder

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“My boyfriend had a gun. He told me to hold it here and press the trigger. Oh my God, he’s dead!” read full

We hear many stories almost every day but very few are able to catch our attention. Normally, the stories that often stay etched in our memories, are usually the odd ones out. Human tragedy has a unique power that makes it stick with us for the longest times. And if this tragedy is spiced up with some baffling mystery then it definitely becomes even more compelling.

It is simple: higher the stakes, more impactful the story becomes. However, all the crimes like murder, rape, death, exile, mixed with elements of suspense and the supernatural, are sensational and evoke plenty of raw emotions. But these also make them remarkable stories that are almost impossible to forget.

Here, when we say ‘stories’, we don’t mean fiction, we are talking about real life incidents that gained notoriety because they were eerie and mysterious. In this blog, the story we are about to share has all the elements of an enthralling story, only that it is does not have a happy ending.

The Murder

July 15 2017, the 911 dispatch center was lit up due to a frantic call by a lady named, Barbara Rogers. She was calling from a home situated in Coolbaugh Township (Pennsylvania), almost 110 miles north of Philadelphia.

Alien Nation

Upon arrival, the local police discovered a body of Steven Mineo. The deceased was 32 years old at the time of his murder and was shot from a close distance on forehead. Later, police arrested Rogers and charged her with her boyfriend’s murder.

If you are thinking that is our story, then hold tight because this not just another B-movie script. Something even more eerie is coming up!

A Creepy Turn

This seemed like an open and shut case of domestic killing but it took a very strange turn. Investigators were caught in a bizarre backstory. Apparently, both Rogers and her deceased boyfriend Mineo were part of an extraterrestrial cult.

Alien Nation

As soon as Rogers’s trial for first degree murder began, she started hurling out strange and spooky facts. The fact that the couple was part of some cult doesn’t sound all that sinister on its own. But when other details surfaced, they were troubling.

According to Rogers, both she and Steven Mineo had gotten into a disagreement with none other than the leader of this cult. The disagreement distraught Mineo, he handed the gun to Rogers who pulled the trigger. Rogers claimed she was unaware that the weapon was loaded.

The Leader Of A Cult

Now, coming back to the leader of the cult, Sherry Shriner: She preaches her followers about apocalyptic biblical interpretations, alien conspiracy theories, and also warns them about reptilian extraterrestrials living secretly as humans. If this is not a concoction enough to mess with your head, then we have some more…

Rogers was adamant during her trial that Mineo wanted to end his life because he believed that Sherry Shriner was an imposter. According to her, the deceased was stressed about their cult leader and believed that she is a reptilian extraterrestrial in the human form!

Sherry Shriner denied that she is running any cult although she has multiple websites and YouTube videos revolving around the same subjects and theories mentioned by Rogers. Even Mineo’s social media is full of several such posts.

Alien Nation

According to Shriner, she knew Rogers was bad news and she even informed Mineo but he didn’t believe her. She went far enough to claim that Mineo hated her because she told him her true assessment about Rogers that she is going to destroy him which she eventually did.

If we believe Shriner’s version, then apparently watching movie ‘Resident Evil’ triggered Rogers to kill her boyfriend. She also claimed that she is not leading any cult and her followers are free to heed or ignore her preaching as they like.

This is all so messed up and none of it makes any sense. However, Rogers was found ‘less guilty’ in the circumstances and in the end was charged for third-degree murder. 44-year old Rogers was given a minimum prison sentence of 15 years (going up to 40 years).

Alien Nation

Eerie Story of Purebred Mutilated Bulls and Aliens

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Every morning in the early light, you could see the clouds of dust hovering from the ground which creates fog in Silvies Valley Ranch, Oregon. This dust comes from the hooves of cattle that are being moved from one ranch to another. The dust and noise from hooves is mixed with low voices from the cowboys and small barks of herding dogs.

This was just another ordinary day, starting out like the rest of the days on this side of the world. However, it soon turned into a nightmare for everyone when the first mutilated body was found. One by one, five carcasses of young and previously healthy breeding bulls were found over the course of a few days. It presented an eerie sight but this is not the end. Rather, it is the beginning of quite a mysterious story.

Alien Nation

The Oddity Of It All

The bulls were not killed for food or for leather. The weirdest and creepiest thing about the mutilation: There was not a single drop of blood to be found around, no trace of anything remotely reminiscent of blood stains around the carcasses. Yet, blood was drained off all the bodies.

Adding to the gore, the bulls were mutilated. Yes, their sex organs and tongues were surgically removed – how despicable. Now, imagine someone doing all that to those poor animals and there is no sign of blood, isn’t that just spooky?

No evidence of shooting, poisoning, or a predatory attack was found, nothing, nada! All the dead bulls were found within a radius of a mile and a half, mysteriously they were all found in the exact some condition. To top it all off, the bulls were all of the same age, purebred and ready-to-breed. The peculiar thing about this strange occurrence that puzzled everyone, and which is also the cause of all the remarkable theories around these ‘murders’ is that, there were no signs of any tracks or footmarks or anything similar to be found around the bodies.

The Speculations

Alien Nation

It is like someone had sucked all the blood out of these bulls, took their genitals, tongues, what not, and just disappeared into thin air. This of course, gave way to a lot of intriguing speculations. Many theories were established around the mysterious killings of these animals. Some say that this is some cult in action, some try to put the blame on scavengers, and some claim that this is a conspiracy against Ranch (Silvies Valley Ranch). For them the motive was simple, hurt the Ranch financially. However, these theories might still be a bit groundless because of lack of any corroborating evidence to support such claims.

What Do Aliens Have To Do With All This?

The county sheriff had received an incident call and was asked to check under the bodies. According to the caller, there might be a depression on the land underneath these carcasses. He was convinced that aliens are behind these killings and they might have used some sort of strong-intensity light beam to lift the animals. Once they are done with whatever they planned, the carcass was then dropped or transported back to the Earth. This explains no traces, footmarks, and no sign of blood remnants.

Source: Youtube


This happened in July 2019 but this is not the first time something of the sort has happened and not the first time people are attributing it to the aliens. It sounds like a strange alien fiction plot but it is not. It is all too real to close our eyes to it. This is not something that should brushed away under the carpet. Several times in recent times, we have heard reports about occurrence of such incidents.

Similar Occurrences

A case similar to this one was reported in 2018 in Arizona. A cow and a bull were found dead, their bodies mutilated. Even before that, several cases were filed against unknown enemies of bulls and cows. This became so big that even FBI was involved back in 1970s.

No supernatural source has been discovered in any of the cases but these murders fuel the imaginations whatsoever. FBI and other investigations tried to calm the rumors with an explanation. According to them, natural causes cannot be ruled out.

Natural Explanations

The seemingly bizarre mutilations can be natural. Try believing that.

When an animal drops dead, blood is pulled down by gravity, forming a pool in and around the body. When animal hides (skins) are dried down, these split open like someone had performed clean surgical cuts. The blood will drain from these cuts and slowly seep into ground. The question is then does it appear like it has been drained out.

Bugs, birds, and other scavengers normally target the soft tissues like eyes, tongue, and genitals which might explain the missing organs. None of this has been obviously been proven and this is the reason why the said theory is as good as any other theory related to these murders.

Question Remains…

Among all of these theories, whether we want to accept it or not, the one theory considering the supernatural causes, seems quite plausible to explain the perplexing circumstances around the incident. How else can one justify absence of any marks, tracks or traces, given that the Ranch in Oregon is dusty where it is hard to leave no traces behind? We will leave you with this last bit: Close observation of the mutilated animal remains showed that the genitals and tongues seemed to have also been cut from a sharp knife or scalpel. Let’s state the obvious; Scavengers definitely cannot use scalpels!

The Man Who Proclaimed, ‘Taboos Lie Within Taboos’

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“Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal, for the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever….” Alan Watts

Do you ever fantasize about dying for just one day and having your ghost linger around your house to see for yourself just how much your friends and family would really care if you were to cease existing? Do you ever wonder about the sort of realm your soul will enter once it departs the futility of the present world? Do you even believe in a life after death, or with adulthood, have your hopes for a heaven and hell washed away into nothingness?

What if you were to completely rethink your conceptions of life and death, and merge them both together into one entity? This idea may seem completely baffling and mindboggling at first, but once you venture deeper into the parallels between life and death, the boundaries between living and dying start to appear murkier. Unravelling the binds between death and life, Alan Wilson Watts (1915-1973), British writer and philosopher, with his charisma, knowledge, and ingenuity, explores the workings of the world in a manner unique and yet, wholly convincing. Galvanizing the world of academia, religious studies and contemporary philosophy, Watts’s proclamations on the unity of life and death continue to keep scholars and critics awake at night, scratching their heads and poring over Watts’s posthumously published essays, books, and lectures.

Alien Nation

Born into a rural and middle-income family, Watts grew up in (majorly) pastoral surroundings. Watt’s intense interest in the Far East stems from his familial ties with missionaries, with his grandfather living as a missionary in China. Watts’s childhood was full of oriental trinkets, flowers, butterflies, the stream-side, and playing in the yard of the local church. As he grew older, his interest in religion, philosophy, the Far East, and life cycles was only fueled further.

More on the life of Watts:

Source: Youtube

A highly prolific student labelled as a child prodigy in school, Watts was a confident, imaginative, sensitive, and intelligent young student. As he grew older, his interests expanded from Christianity to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

Despite the scholarly reverence dedicated to Watts’s works, his thoughts on the cyclical nature of life and death, the correlation between DMT with knowledge, the lucidity and futility of doing work without passion, and the interlinks between world religions are far from widespread. Absence of Watts’s texts in schools and colleges maybe because of the highly radical, subtly socialist, and intellectually challenging nature of his content. Watts’s lectures on topics as controversial as prolonging life unnecessarily, and the thoughtlessness behind considering death as the ceasing of existence are popular,

Alien Nation

yet, censored within mainstream academic situations. He was also a strong proponent of the belief that the Zen in one’s life derives from one’s daily actions and from the way we communicate with the people around us.

Watts on the journey of life:

Source: Youtube
Created by: After Skool

“Every individual is a unique manifestation of the Whole, as every branch is a particular outreaching of the tree.” – Alan Watts

Watts’s understanding of the universe as whole is that of a linear manifestation of everything –cultures, languages, nature – all at once. Each individual is composed of the universe, with there being particles of everything in existence within all individuals. His theorization of life and death follows a similar terrain, with his lectures and writings repeating that life and death are not two separate processes. According to him, death does not follow the end of life, and nor does the beginning of life follow the end of death; both of these occurrences are simultaneous in nature. He has spoken and written extensively on the simultaneous occurrences of life, death, childhood, adulthood, and old age.

Alien Nation

Watts on death:

Source: Youtube
Created by: The Partially Examined Life

Watts’s charismatic personality and down-to-earth nature are evocative of his brilliance, eruditeness, and knowledge. Despite his immense contributions to the topics of life and death, readers of his works continue to be labeled ‘weirdos’ and ‘lazy’ and wannabe Carl Jungs’. The absence of Watts’s works from mainstream academia are a great disservice to contemporary philosophic and religious studies.

Keeping the greatness of Watts’s personality alight, it is important that his works be reignited with renewed interest in our schools, colleges, and universities. The state and ‘liberals’ may hinder the process, but we must continue fighting against censorship and work towards spreading intellectual discourses on how the world is in existence- the process is miraculous, magical, and simply stunning.

Alien Nation

Aliens and Starships: The Best of Hollywood

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Hollywood is complicated.

From hundreds of films that expand forward on the government’s mission to silence opinions and mute down important questions, to a few that offer a glimpse of a reality beyond what the state wants us to believe, Hollywood is truly bipolar.

Aliens have dominated Hollywood since ages. Glossing over posters and billboards, most films represent aliens as vicious beings intent upon destroying the Earth for no apparent reason. These films are truly a smear campaign against a species we have not even met- yet! From colonizing invaders to the creepiest creatures ever, alien depictions all follow a similar trope- the storylines are so dystopic and fictional that there is very little room left to ponder upon the existence of extraterrestrial beings. The hyper-animated nature of Hollywood films help in shelving the idea of life in the outer space, and reiterate the narrative that these films and stories are solely fiction; just something to be enjoyed and not taken seriously.

Amongst so many unrealistic plot lines and cheesy edits, there are some truly remarkable, rational, and scientifically sound films that propose and support the theory largely shunned and mocked: There is life on space.

Here are some classical Hollywood films that deserve recognition and should be taken seriously. In an ideal world, these films would be screened in classrooms and be the foundation for academic papers and scientific research. Sadly, under a state-surveilled country, these films are unknown, unsung, and forgotten.

1. Area 51 (2015)

Source: Youtube
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A highly underrated cinematic beauty, this film ventures straight within the restricted territory of Area 51. Directed by Oren Peli, the film follows a trio who head to Nevada to attend a party. All is fun and games until the next morning, when one of them, named Reid, goes missing.

From here follows a trek within government secrets, state-sponsored violence, and a quest for the truth. After infiltrating the highly secure military base, these three young men uncover some of the greatest secrets of the US military and narrowly escape military person intent upon detaining these boys so that no beans can be spilled onto the outside world. The armed security staff goes as far as shooting point blank- they would rather kill than spill!

An honest depiction of state behaviors and secrecy patterns, this movie is a must watch for all space enthusiasts and state critics!

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2. The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)

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Starring the stunning David Bowie, ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ is a poignant portrayal of state brutality and viciousness, this film will truly have you lamenting the level of authority we designate to the buffoons we vote into offices.

On the doleful journey to Earth of humanoid alien Thomas Jerome Newton, the film follows Newton’s quest for capital so that he can rehydrate his planet’s depleted water resources. Newton becomes a famous inventor and is soon wealthy enough to put his plans to action. However, just before he can embark on his final flight, he has a firsthand experience of the inherently deceptive nature of human beings. Betrayed and sold out by a trusted friend, Newton is captured by the government, with all of his property seized and business partner murdered in cold blood.

Newton is imprisoned and subjected to bodily harm, torture, and nonconsensual experimentation at the hands of the government, with them abusing his body regularly till one they, bored, they abandon him. Ending up depressed, physically maimed, and an alcoholic, there is no happy ending for Newton and he is never able to recover from the trauma of government torture, betrayal, and his loneliness.

3. 51 (2011)

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Another pitifully underrated masterpiece, 51 is horror, science, and fiction at its best. A foray into state secrets and the enormity of the power the government possesses, 51 follows a group of reporters and their journalistic ventures into Area 51.

Granted limited access following immense public protestations, the news group members uncover much graver details other than the state-proclaimed ‘high level technology’. This film unwraps into classic horror as government ‘secrets’ begin to threaten the lives of the reporters.

Not only does this film posit that Area 51 houses violent, extraterrestrial captives, but also focuses upon the extents to which a government facility can go to, to hide an important truth about the universe. The film depicts how even the lives of an established news group members hold little importance in the face of state secrets.

4. District 9 (2009)

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A discussion on humanity and its fickleness, District 9 broaches important topics like race, classism, segregation, and state-sponsored violence. Directed by Neill Blomkamp, the film is beautiful visually and conceptually. Postulating upon the behaviors that humans are capable of adopting when confronted with beings different than themselves, the movie also depicts selective justice procedures employed by the state to disenfranchise those considered ‘lesser’ citizens.

Starting a conversation that goes beyond ‘do aliens exist?’ the films talks about ‘what do humans do if they do exist?’

The film is based in Johannesburg where a group of malnourished aliens land by mistake and find themselves with not enough resources to head back. Segregated into a suffocating and slum-like colony constructed especially for them, these aliens are forced to spend 28 years of their life imprisoned on a planet that hates them, offers them little to no dignity, and treats them absolutely pathetically. The film casts a sharp focus on the brutal experimentations government doctors perform on alien bodies for ‘educational purposes’. Honestly, all of this ‘research’ nonsense is no less than state-funded torture and the film does a good job of bringing these unethical practices into the limelight.

5. Contact (1997)

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A movie that was released to immense criticism, scholarly praise, lawsuits, and NASA’s disapproval, this film full and truly had the government quacking in their boots.  While not unknown by any means, Contact is nowhere near as popular as the sheer ingenuity of this film demands.

Following Dr. Ellie Arroway’s science and communication based program which is committed to finding proof of extraterrestrial life, her project soon finds itself unfunded. Discouraged by the government and abandoned by national scientists, Arroway is able to continue her research after a private funder sees the importance of the work that she is doing.

Eventually, Arroway’s project makes a major breakthrough and the government, the nosy fellows that they are, take control over her work facility and obsessively monitor all further project procedures.

The film concludes having showcased state irresponsibility, the complexities that continue to lace religion and science, and a trip to space. Of course, like always, a Congressional Committee terms Arroway’s intergalactic experience a hoax and shelves the entire project as nonsensical and ‘non-scientific’. The gals of state personnel!

An evocation depiction of clashes between religion and science, the state’s dismissal of slow-processing scientific projects, and the immense power that private project funders are capable of wielding, this sci-fi film tackles many subjects all at once.

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