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Royals Are Not What They Seem

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The obsession with the British Royal family never fades away. Even when it feels like the hype is dying down, there is a new royal baby or a wedding or some other royal shenanigan, and all hell breaks loose. At best, this obsession is intoxicating and difficult to wear off.

Somehow, when it comes to the Royals many people turn into conspiracy theorists. Paparazzi are ever ready to strip the family members down and with this new rabbit-hole named internet, there is simply no escape for them.

People have been speculating about the Royals for ages. Their every move is scrutinized, their pictures spread like wildfire, and mad theories are circulated about them.

Royals – Shape-Shifting Reptiles?

Professional conspiracy theorists are known to go beyond a normal person’s imagination, and when it comes to the Royal Family, the same happened with David Icke.

He argues that the members of British Royal Family are descendants of extraterrestrial reptilian blood. He believes these hybrids are responsible for major world events, like the Holocaust and 9/11.

According to Icke, they have formed secret societies, too. He not only accuses British royals of working against human gain but in his point of view, all royals from every part of the world are part of this secret society.

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He calls them lizard-people and accuses them of controlling everything in this world. Almost all high profile politicians, businessmen, and think-tanks are human/reptilian alien hybrids. This band of reptile humanoids is known as “Annunaki”.

So, if we are to believe Icke, ‘Lizard People’ run the world?!

Queen Eats Human Flesh

The reigning queen Elizabeth II is the only British Monarch to have ruled for this long. She is close to a hundred but her youthfulness energy is still radiant.

She is probably the most guarded person in the modern times. No commoner is allowed in close proximity of the Queen. The exposure to the public is controlled and her private life is a mystery.

It seems like there are some dark secrets behind the castle walls which can never see the light of the day. One might wonder what the reason behind her aversion to interviews is.

It is hard to imagine that even after ruling for almost 70 years she has never given an interview.

This secrecy gave way to several theories and one of them is built around cannibalism. Many theorists believe that the Queen consumes human flesh to remain youthful and full of energy.

Jim Willie is one of these theorists who has claimed that missing children has to do something with her dark habit. He even went as far as claiming that he has witnessed the Queen kidnapping ten children in 1964 from his Catholic school.

One report from an anonymous on-duty soldier also made rounds in the 1970s. The soldier was on duty in Windsor Castle, Queen’s home. He stated that while he was performing his duties he came across a secret freezer.

The freezer was hidden in the kitchens of the palace. What he found inside was enough to make any person sick. It was full of human body parts. This fueled (the already) ongoing speculations, theorists were convinced about cannibalism in the royal family.

Prince of Transylvania Is a Vampire

Prince Charles, the heir to the throne has jokingly said once, “Transylvania is in my blood”. Now, was he just joking or there was an underlying hint to that statement?

Prince was offered the title of ‘Prince of Transylvania’ due to his links to the region. It seems like he loves the place a lot and has worked actively to promote its tourism.

Now, everyone knows this place is famous due to Vlad the Impaler, who became the inspiration for the infamous Dracula.

Even genealogy records suggest that Prince Charles descends from Vlad the Impaler.

Another reason that made conspiracy theorists’ claims strong is a disease that runs in many royals. Some British royals suffer from Porphyria. It is a form of iron deficiency due to which skin becomes sensitive to sunlight.

Do we need to remind you that vampires cannot stand sunlight?

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Ancient Egyptian Alien Gods | Part Three: The Deep Hidden Secrets

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This article is part of our ‘Deep Hidden Secrets’ series at Alien Nation Corporation. If you haven’t read Part I and Part II of this series, please read here about Tutankhamun’s Tomb in the first blog and Alien Constructors of Giza Pyramids in part two.

Why governments tend to hide anything related to aliens? Do they exist? Do we know that they exist? Has there been any kind of contact? Have they visited Earth? All these questions are never answered and somehow it always seems like governments try to keep these things a secret.

There seems no logical reason as to why our government officials have to hide stuff from us? No matter how much they try to suppress speculative theories, questionable conspiracies about aliens often find their way into the masses becoming widespread in the current collective conscience.

Many would assume that aliens and UFOs are a thing of modern science but they might be wrong. Conspiracies have found their way even in ancient historical times. Many theorists believe there is enough evidence to suspect alien interference, especially in ancient Egypt during the reign of different pharaohs.

This takes us to the most amazing tomb discovered in the ‘Valley of Kings’. This boy-king may not have been very impressive during his reign but now he is the most famous pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Yes, we are referring to none other than King Tutankhamun, or commonly known as King Tut.

Here, however, we are not going to talk about him instead we are probing into the theory related to his father. Tutankhamun is said to be the son was King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti.

This couple was different from other royals who had ruled before them and who came later on. The first mystery would be surrounding their tombs; whereas many pharaohs were found resting in their tombs mummified, historians are baffled that the tombs of these two royal figures did not follow the same pattern.

Queen Nefertiti’s tomb has not been found until now and contrastingly King Akhenaten has three tombs. Was he buried thrice? How is that possible? The even bigger mystery is regarding the remains of King Akhenaten.

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Let’s time travel a little

Before the rule of Akhenaten, Egyptian society followed some form of polytheistic religion with multiple gods.

Akhenaten and his beloved wife Queen Nefertiti are known as the ones to introduce some kind of monotheism in ancient Egypt. They asked people to worship a single god which is in most cases described as ‘disc-like sun with wings named Aten’.

Modern scientists and alien theorists are divided on this. Modern scientists believe that they were worshipping sun but alien believers or enthusiasts don’t want to settle for this boring claim.

According to them, the evidence clearly shows that those people, back in the day, we’re receiving directions from their god and sun, as we all know, isn’t quite cut out for that.

If we believe Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, publisher and co-founder of Legendary Times Magazine, then we have to solve this mystery whether our Egyptians forefathers were somehow able to use some kind of alien technology or we assume it as something belonging to natural forces that came from the divine.

This was something revolutionary and one would question how they decided to suddenly shun what they knew as a religion for ages and came up with the idea of worshipping one power?

Enigmatic Physique of King Akhenaten

These are not the only weird things about this royal couple, there’s more than only adds up to the mystery. Interestingly, Akhenaten was a perfectionist as he was the one who introduced the idea that anything craved or crafted should be life-like. He instructed his artisans to make sculptures and other forms of art exactly like they were in real.

Now, you must be thinking how come this is weird since it is not something strange. Here comes the odd part, the paintings of Akhenaten are the most bizarre. His physique matches no other pharaoh and his features are drastically different. If he was so much into perfect arts, it means he was different than others!

So, here we are trying to describe what we gathered from the paintings and sculptures: he had an elongated face, protruding belly, larger hips, almost chicken type legs, and elongated skull from the back.

It was very common in ancient Egypt for pharaohs to depict themselves as majestic as they can but Akhenaten had no interest in doing so…

His different appearance resulted in the birth of many conspiracies of him being an extra-terrestrial being which also explains his one God rule. Maybe, the sun he wanted his people to worship was not a god at all.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos argues that maybe the god was an alien (or alien race) which was instructing or guiding Akhenaten.

Now coming back to his remains. Sadly, King Akhenaten’s body was poorly mummified which made it tough for experts to be completely sure if it was even Akhenaten. There are only guesses because the DNA of Tutankhamun matches with the said remains.

Queen Nefertiti Is Not Any Less Of a Clandestine

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It is believed that there is a shaft, a hidden chamber in King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber.

Many believe the hidden chamber is the final resting place of his mother Queen Nefertiti.

But why would her tomb be hidden? This question didn’t escape ancient astronaut theorist and they came up with an explanation.

Since there is already a lot of debate going on about her husband, it is also said that Nefertiti didn’t belong to Earth – she was not of this world.

Her lineage is still unknown and there is no evidence ever found about her parents. Her pictures also don’t resemble the actual image of a human.

Egyptians believed that their gods had elongated heads and Nefertiti is also shown having an elongated head.

The author of Chariots of the Gods, Erich Von Daniken, says that there is a possibility that parents of this mysterious queen were extra-terrestrials who visited Earth. His claims are based on pyramid texts which state that Egyptians gods sometimes left Earth, only to return later. Wow.

There is too much to comprehend and we certainly have no idea what to make out of this. We leave it to you to put together the pieces and pick a side whom you want to believe; scientists who demand hardcore evidence or ancient astronaut theorists who are only looking for what interests them…

This article is part of our ‘Deep Hidden Secrets’ series at Alien Nation Corporation.

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Alien Constructors of Giza Pyramids | Part Two: The Deep Hidden Secrets

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This article is part of our ‘Deep Hidden Secrets’ series at Alien Nation Corporation. If you haven’t read Part I of this series, please read here about Tutankhamun’s Tomb in the first blog.

The mystery of pyramids of Giza still excites people from all over the world. Many theories revolve around these majestic structures due to several unanswered questions. One theory that became center of attraction and worked as a magnet for many tourists is related to aliens; many theorists have been stressing this for so many years that the pyramids may have been constructed by aliens and tombs of pharaohs were possibly protected by them.

Now, even if we believe this alien conspiracy theory, the question arises why they would do so…

If aliens came to our planet in ancient times and built these impressively massive pyramids, those extra-terrestrials were way ahead of us in terms of technology. So much so that we, as a human collective, have been unable to decode it properly to date, after all this time with our cultural and technological evolution. They had advanced resources and means that could easily compete with our modern times and maybe even surpass our tech!

Why would these extraterrestrial beings, so ahead of us, invest in guarding the dead bodies of ancient kings of Egypt?

This question became the basis for several other eerie theories. Out of these theories, two are the most thrilling. The first one suggests that maybe the plan was to resurrect the kings, while the other remarkably premise that maybe those pharaohs from Ancient Egypt were human-alien hybrids.

Both of these theories are ludicrous enough, yet they give any thinking mind goosebumps, even without going into details. But what fun is that?

Let’s dig deep into these two suggestions that provide the basis for all related conspiracy theories about the pyramids and see how they fit into the overarching mystery of Giza.

Why So Many People on Earth Believe That Pyramids Were Built By Aliens

The simple logic, which these theorists offer, is that these monuments were well-beyond the human capability and technology available at that time in Ancient Egypt, or for the other civilizations around for that matter. That simply means humans were just unable to build these grand structures, period!

If you read about these structures extensively or observe the details, one will notice that there are two diagonal imaginary lines from pyramids on both sides going all the way to Nile River delta. Scientists, from recent times, are skeptical that it is unlikely for that ancient civilization to be able to construct it with this accuracy, as the distances were too large and geographical dimensional tools, quite simply insufficient.

The measurements are precise, magnetic north alignment and also alignment with celestial bodies are too much to give ancient Egyptians credit for. It has been argued since the discoveries of these pyramids that how could a civilization with such ‘primitive’ construction abilities and limited technological resources was able to achieve this.

Ancient Aliens: What are the Pyramids | History

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Created by: HISTORY

Keep in mind that we are talking about our ancestors from 4600 years before… this is the primary reason that many believe that it was not our human ancestors who made such remarkable pyramids. It was, in fact, aliens from the outer world!

Egyptians Knew How To Fly?

These otherworldly beings were then believed to be gods and were reportedly worshipped as well during those times. The theory argues how do you think Egyptians flew over Earth without any evidence in history to see the origin of Nile? It was attributed to something supernatural (i.e. aliens) who may have contributed to the construction and orientation of pyramids and its diagonal directions.

This is a known fact (at least for now) that our Egyptians ancestors didn’t have a compass. You must be thinking about what this has to do with the alien theory? Well, here is the reason for bringing it up!

Shockingly, the pyramids face the magnetic North Pole and they are very precise in orientation. They did that without the use of a compass.

The Giza wonders are a pure example of sheer mathematical beauty. They are so well calculated that it blew away the minds of historians. Maybe, we are underestimating ancient Egyptians and their capabilities. Or maybe these conspiracy theorists are on the right track in answering many surrounding mysteries, they did get help.

The actual mystery is, there are no signs of intelligence found which was used to build the hulk-sized resting places for kings.

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Alignment with celestial objects is remarkable. Sunsets in the exact center of two pyramids and the view are breathtaking on summer solstice evenings. There is no evidence found until now that can even remotely hint about Egyptians knowing the length of a year or anything about the summer solstice. On the other hand, way advanced extra-terrestrials would have been able to do that (assuming they exist with superior knowledge and subsequent technology).

That is not it! Winter solstice is also wonderful as the sun traces the head of Sphinx built right in front of pyramids as it rises.

Sphinx and Constellation of Leo

Another mind-blowing discovery reveals that these marvels are a mirror image on Earth of three stars from the belt of Orion. Quite remarkable!

The positioning of these pyramids perfectly aligns with the position of three stars as they were in 10,500 BC.

Ancient Aliens: Astronomy and Alien Structures (Season 12, Episode 4) | History

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Created by: HISTORY

No! Wait, there’s more… do you know that this belt of Orion is the constellation of Leo? Too much of a coincidence that Sphinx is sitting in all its glory in front of the mystical pyramids.

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With all the facts, stats, resources, and evidence, we are still unable to detect how Egyptians were able to do that. Maybe they never did!
This leads to alien-human gods of Egypt…. To be continued!

This article is part of our ‘Deep Hidden Secrets’ series at Alien Nation Corporation.

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