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faith in extraterrestrials

Vale do Amanhecer – where faith in extraterrestrials and religion meet

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Have you ever heard of a religion that worships aliens? Have you ever been to a town that is built merely on the belief that humans are the descendants of extraterrestrial beings? Have you ever met people who believe in intergalactic travels? No? Then let me introduce you to Vale do Amanhecer, which unambiguously translates to Valley of the Dawn or Sunrise Valley. Situated an hour outside Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, Vale do Amanhecer is a spiritual haven for a rapidly growing religious community known as the Jaguars.

A community of once 300 now expanding to more than 40000 inhabitants, Vale do Amanhecer may look like a theme park at first, but it is precisely designed to reflect the religion’s complex, all-comprising doctrines and beliefs that combine a diversity of religions and civilizations, including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, the Incas and Mayans, as well as ancient Egypt. On the outskirts of Planaltina, lies this intriguing community’s main temple featuring a pyramid, a spaceship-like temple, a six-pointed praying center, and many ellipse-shaped sculptures.

Alien nationAlien nationAlien nation

Jaguars or the mediums of Vale do Amenhecer are worshippers who believe in alien reincarnation and that extraterrestrial beings have visited earth time and over throughout history to help human civilization grow. They consider themselves to be aliens in the human form of their latest incarnation from the various earthly roles they had previously taken across many cultures and religions throughout the era. These roles include Spartan warrior, Mayan princes, Egyptian pharaohs, and more.

Mayan princes

History of Vale do Amanhecer

Valley of the Dawn has an origin story that is even more fascinating than its inhabitant strange yet interesting beliefs. In 1959, a widow with four children, Neiva Chaves Zelaya, better known as Aunt Neiva, was working as a truck driver in Brasilia, when she began to experience psychic episodes, which she later believed to be visits by spirits from outer space.

When the mediumistic phenomena began to manifest spontaneously, Neiva sought help in Catholicism, psychiatry, and eventually, found her explanation in Spiritism. Neiva claimed to have astral visits to Tibet where had undertaken apprenticeship from a monk named Master Umahã and was primarily taught by Pai Seta Branca or “Father White Arrow”, who was a spirit guide that helped her establish the core foundation of Amanhecer.  Father White Arrow is depicted in statues and drawings today as a native South American leader.

Tia NeivaTia Neiva along with her partner, Mario Sassi, founded what has now become Brazil’s fastest-growing religious movement. The primary society members were mostly abandoned children and poor farmers from Brasilia taken in by the couple. Not long after, many visitors and patients who came seeking spiritual guidance from Tia Neiva, also became mediums themselves.

In the earliest stage of development, the society had to face a number of hurdles, moving from various locations and changing many names until they found their calling at a farm 50km northeast from Brasilia. In 1969, Temple Mãe or Mother Temple was established and the name ‘Vale do Amanhecer’ was adopted.

Since then, Jaguars have expanded massively; with around 600 temples throughout Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Bolivia, Uruguay, United Kingdom and the US, the religious movement claims to have 800,000 members worldwide.

Neiva Chaves Zalaya died of a respiratory disease in 1985 but her legacy still goes on. Her children now continue her work and are part of the sect.

Rituals of the Valley

As the 70% of the inhabitants are either mediums or have close tie to Vale do Amanhecer, main activities are based on religious rituals around Mother Temple. This diverse society holds its most important ritual of the year on Labor Day. They believe the mediums have power to communicate with good and bad spirits. The mediums work in pairs during the rituals, helping troubled spirits find peace. Followers also believe the rituals help these mediums make amends from their past lives.

helping troubled spirits find peacehelping troubled spirits find peace

helping troubled spirits find peacehelping troubled spirits find peace


Even after having thousands of followers globally, mainstream society and religious groups in Brazil often disregard this vibrant community. They are commonly categorized as cults. The Evangelicals who have built churches near the community, often target members of the Valley, believing the worshipers are possessed by the devil.

Disregarding all the shuns, the Valley continues devotedly, offering spiritual healing as a form of therapy for some of the many discontent souls. The followers have a strong believe in second chances and help guide those who have lost all hope in living.

Believer or not, Vale do Amanhecer offers peace, tranquility, and the sense of divinity to everyone who comes knocking at their door.

lightweight comedy or deep predictions?

The Simpsons – lightweight comedy or deep predictions?

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If you’re a 90’s kid, then like many of us, you have grown up watching The Simpsons. This beloved family has entertained us for over thirty-one years and is the longest-running sitcom/animated series ever. The critically acclaimed show is considered no less than a television phenomenon. What is it that keeps us glued to this animated program even after a whopping three decades? The Simpsons easily merge the everyday life of an American family with politics, pop culture, and much more in a humorous satire. But is that enough to keep it running for 31 seasons and counting? No. It’s the show’s predictions or as its fans call “prophecies” that have an uncanny way of coming true. The Simpsons gained a lot of popularity when it was noted that its writers have managed to predict many major events – from 9/11 to the most recent outbreak, the coronavirus. The Simpsons predicted them all years before they took place – just a coincidence? Maybe not.

From the time The Simpsons first aired on television in 1989 to date, creator Matt Groening and his team of brilliant writers have predicted many world-altering events. Its fans were no less in documenting these prophecies and presenting them to the world. Let’s look at some of them.

President Donald Trump

In season 11, Episode 17 – Bart to the Future, when Bart time travels into adulthood, we can see that President Lisa is having a financial crisis as the president before she has left America bankrupt. And who was that president? None other than Donald Trump. Shockingly, this episode aired in 2000, a whole 16 years before the actual Trump presidency came to be!

Alien nation

Disney Takes Over Fox

In season 10, Episode 5 – When You Wish Upon a Star, in a scene when the family visits Hollywood, we can see a Fox sign stating, “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” Disney announced the actual takeover on December 14, 2017, and that too twenty years after the foretelling!

Alien Nation

The Existence of God Particle

In 1998, an episode of The Simpsons pictured Homer standing in front of a blackboard with an equation that predicted the mass of the God particle or Higgs boson – a groundbreaking discovery that explains everything has a mass. Unbelievable fact – this theory wasn’t confirmed until 2012!


There had been many depictions in the ’80s and ’90s of this, but nothing came as close as The Simpsons. In an episode in season 6 – Lisa’s Wedding, fans can see Lisa using FaceTime to talk to Marge, predating iPhones by 15 years!

Alien Nation

Global Pandemic

In an episode called Marge in Chains, it is believed that The Simpsons predicted the coronavirus in 1993. Although there are differences, the similarities cannot be unseen, in that episode the residents of Springfield are infected with a virus called Osaka Flu after ordering kitchen appliances from Japan. The virus is transmitted by air and has flu-like symptoms.

Alien Nation


Another bone-chilling prediction made by the writers of The Simpsons is the lockdown we are all facing today. In The Simpsons Movie (2007), the whole town is quarantined by the government to stop the spread of radiation transmitted by the power plant.

Alien Nation

Tom Hank’s Isolation

The most recent and uncanny prediction has to be Tom Hanks isolating himself after being tested positive for COVID’19. The famous actor has just announced that he and his wife have contracted the virus while traveling in Australia and will now need to be in complete isolation. Right after this announcement, the Simpsons’ fandom reminded everyone of Tom Hank’s cameo in The Simpsons Movie (2007), where he asked his fans to leave him alone.

Alien Nation

After so many predictions, the creators of The Simpsons still argue that these are mere coincidences and that the show has been going on for so long that history is just repeating itself. But how is it possible that their foretelling is always on point? Is it really a coincident or are these prophecies meant as warnings for humankind? Are they just writers with a creative imagination or they have a mirror to the future? Can they be getting help from aliens or another supernatural being? What other prediction will we witness? Only time will tell!

The Rothschild Legacy

The Money-Makers: The Rothschild Legacy

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On every conspirator’s lips, a family shrouded in mystery for their unprecedented wealth, are the Rothschilds who have been making headlines or the equivalent of those since the early 18th century. There have been a plethora of stories on how they had once been the world’s richest family and even now, in 2020, they hold significant wealth to be one of the richest families on the planet. However, no one knows their exact net worth as they keep it discrete and out of the public eye.

They tricked the British government and acquired a significant amount of wealth.

Perhaps one of the most quoted incidents surrounding the Rothschild family was during the battle of waterloo in 1815. Promptly after the battle, a compelling political pamphlet was distributed and became a worldwide sensation. It was written by ‘Satan’ who told the story of Nathan Rothschild – the man who exploited the British government by gaining around 20 million francs overnight. According to ‘Satan’, Rothschild mysteriously knew of the French army’s defeat before England did during the war and was able to exploit the stock markets – buying them in cheap, becoming one of the richest men in the country.

So to speak, his wealth started as a fraud or a form of trickery – how was he able to perform it? No one knows. It is true, however, that a large number of people do not appreciate how he acquired this massive wealth.

Nathan Rothschild Quote

The Wars of the World were the Rothschild Family’s puppet to make more cash.

This family is driven by their unprecedented greed to acquire more and more wealth and it is said that they can go to great lengths to achieve it. Brian Dunning, an expert investigator, believes that the Rothschilds have been said to have assassinated US presidents, create warlike scenarios to finance both sides but eventually come on the top regardless of anyone winning. They make exorbitant amounts of money because of this endless warfare as they finance arms deals, thereby, making their businesses boom. He goes as far as to quote people who think this family is the ‘true power’ in terms of money behind Israel’s creation. As the family expands they have become even more involved in investment banking and now own large banks all around the world.

Jacob Rothschild

They are one of the four horsemen behind the biggest oil companies in the world.

Often when Rothschilds are mentioned, they are mentioned as synonymous to Illuminati, and more popularly the promoters of the New World Order.

With their toes dipped in almost every large multi-national enterprise, along with having control over the overarching global banking system, we can only wonder how far they will go to make sure their influence is never lessened and will their desire to expand be ever curbed? The theory that the Rothschild family is in works to create a new one-world government becomes extremely believable especially because most of the knowledge about their wealth is shrouded in darkness. How do they sustain their business can only be subject to speculation.

 The paranoia and fear surrounding such a family aren’t unfounded because oftentimes, especially after visiting their official site, you are unaware of the family’s ongoing activities

The Triangle of Disappearance

The Triangle of Disappearance

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Have you heard about the place where everything disappears?

Can you imagine reaching a place on the earth where you can never come back from? Well. There is such a place. One of the most famous mysteries of the world is the Bermuda Triangle.

Also known as the Devil’s Triangle.

It is a roughly triangular region in the North Atlantic Ocean – Florida, Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda form the points of this triangle.  It is said that any ship that crosses this region, disappears under mysterious circumstances. Airborne planes have been reported to disappear too once they enter the area of this triangle.

If everyone here disappears then who did we find out about this place? Vincent Gaddis named this place in 1964 but it became popular because of another author, Charles Berlitz, who wrote about it in his book “The Bermuda Triangle”. Some people claim that the first mentions of the Bermuda Triangle appeared in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” where a massive shipwreck took hundreds of lives. In the Shakespearean narration, it is revealed that that the shipwreck was caused by Ariel – a magical spirit possessing unbounded power.

Different theories exist about the Triangle and the missing vessels. Some argue that Atlantis lies at the bottom of the Triangle and emit crystal energies that sink ships. Others argue time portals or alien bases are the cause of the disappearances. Others have tried less drastic and more palatable theories to explain this mystery and believe resolutely that there is a ‘scientific explanation’ behind this phenomenon of disappearance. It is believed that large pockets of methane gas exist in the region – this gas rises to the water surfaces and causes the ship or plane to sink.

Some people believe that the sea is exceptionally rough in that region. It is possible that under scrutiny the mystery of the famed Bermuda Triangle will start to break down. For one, it turns out that some ships reported having disappeared in the Triangle did not exist in real life – they were completely made up by individuals wanting to do their part in this mystery. But that is not to say that some ships and places did not disappear, or sink, in the triangle. Could that have simply been due to rough storms – a natural occurrence?

At the same time, some people believe that gravity-related distortions at this part of the world disturb the compasses, causing them to point true North instead of magnetic north, which can cause navigation issues, ultimately leading to untimely shipwrecks and airplane crashes.

Despite its reputation, the Triangle is one of the busiest sea routes in the world, used for commerce, travel, and leisure. Commercial flights regularly pass around it. Why do we continue to move past this place when it is dangerous? There are people in the world who think that simply by the sheer number of traffic in the region, accidents are bound to happen. And accidents are bound to be more than other less busy areas.

They write off the increased number of sinking ships and places as part of several probable disasters that tend to occur. So what is the real truth? Are any of these explanations true?

Is it possible that in reality, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle persists due to lies, mistakes, and overactive imaginations? Is the truth far less exciting than underwater cities or alien labs? Well, there is no way to know for sure because if there is no investigable phenomenon now, it doesn’t mean nothing disastrous persisted before. As of now, many continue to write about the alluring mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, trying to understand what happened.

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza – built by aliens?

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For decades, an odd theory has been revolving around the Great Pyramids of Giza- could it have been built by advanced alien visitors? Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the construction of the ancient wonders was far beyond the means of the early Egyptians.

Just outside Cairo, Giza, Egypt’s most famous pyramids rise from the desert. Built more than 4,500 years ago, the Pyramids at Giza are massive tombs where ancient queens and pharaohs were buried.

Archaeologists have long been puzzled about how ancient Egyptians managed to achieve the near-perfect alignment as each of the great pyramids is constructed with 2.3 million stones, weighing up to 200 tons each and covering 13 acres. There are no detailed records of their construction and the sophisticated methods involved in their design appear to be centuries ahead of time. Even with today’s cranes and other construction equipment, building a pyramid as big as that of Pharaoh Khufu, which looms over the city below it at a height 455ft, would be a formidable challenge.

Over the years, many archaeologists have tried to decode the mysteries of the ancient Pharaohs’ burial places but are yet to even scratch the surface of the pyramids’ history. The pyramids’ enigmatic past has invited countless conspiracy theories and the most prominent conspiracy theory of them all states that the Pyramids were built with the help of extraterrestrial technology.

Researchers believe aliens left vital clues in the design of the pyramids which prove it could not have been our ancestors who built the extraordinary feats of engineering.

Want proof? Well, the experts claim the truth lies behind one important aspect – the co-ordinates.

The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second and the geographic coordinates for the Great Pyramid are 29.9792458°N, as reported by

And then there’s the astronomical configuration of the pyramids, which is said to align with the stars in Orion’s belt. Additionally, alien theorists often point to the fact that these three pyramids are in a way better shape than others built centuries later.

Another shocking fact is that two imaginary diagonal lines extend from the pyramids on either side of the Nile River delta, the early Egyptians could not have known this when building them, to be so accurate with their positioning.

With their precise measurements and alignments with celestial bodies and magnetic north. It has widely been argued that our ancestors around 4,600 years ago would have been unable to physically build the ancient Pyramids of Giza. How could they have possibly built their pyramid facing the exact magnetic North Pole without even having a compass?

Theories of this kind say that because the civilization that invented the calendar and was based on farming couldn’t possibly understand the stars, seasons, the days of the year, and the rotation of the earth must have gotten their technology from aliens.

The theories go on to suggests that these visitors were mistaken for gods by our ancestors who depicted images of them in ancient artwork, which are now said to show pictures of aliens and flying saucers.

All these being said, there is abundant evidence that humans have built the pyramids. Some experts say that the idea of intelligent extraterrestrial helping shape ancient civilizations here on Earth is the single most outrageous thought and that these ideas are not supported by scientific evidence, but they’ve become so prevalent that many people believe there must be something to them.

Universe and Human Body are the Same?

How the Universe and Human Body are the Same?

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Take a relaxing seat and set your mind on a flight that is beyond the limits of imagination. Give yourself the wings to fly like the fastest of human neurons and empower your eyes to look at the bigger picture. Now, question yourself about how the universe is the replica of the human body. Sounds absurd? Actually, it isn’t! Scientists have long been counting similarities between the human body’s cell system and the latest discoveries in the vacuum of the universe.

Tighten your seat belts in your space ship as we are about to take the most unbelievable flight into the unchartered realms of space and time. But before that, give your brain the liberty to consume the truth with all its power and beauty. We all know that the human body is a hallmark of the most intriguing, yet incredible, creativity. What if we tell you that the more you explore your body, the more you know about the universe? It is true, indeed! Because scientists believe that our human body performs just like the universe does. You are surely going to explore more about your body after reading this piece. Let’s explore ourselves, or the universe per se, without much ado.

  1. The human body generates approximately 25 million new cells per second. What it means is that you produce more cells in every 13 seconds than the total population of the United States. The universe is also expanding at a rate that is hard to imagine for a human mind. The rate might be a lot greater than how much a human body produces cells each second, but the expansion is a similarity that should be enough to leave you surprised.
  2. Did you know your human body is made up of cells? Most of you might have an idea about it. However, what many of you might not know is the fact that these cells are the product of the atoms that were formed 13.7 billion years ago at the time of Big Bang. Staggering, isn’t it?
  3. According to an estimate, there are more than 300 billion stars in our galaxy alone. But what you don’t know is that there are over 7 octillion atoms in the body of an adult. Doesn’t look like a fair comparison, does it?
  4. Let’s forget the brain for now because there is already a lot of content generated on this particular similarity between the human body and the universe. As a matter of fact, if you only stretch out your lungs’ capillaries, it would stretch all the way from San Diego to Seattle. Did you know it is more than 1,261 miles? What if you stretch out all the capillaries of your human body? Leave your guesses in the comments below.
  5. Let’s explore our lungs further. Your lungs get a good workout when you play a sport like tennis. Did you know if you only expand the air sacs of your lungs, they would cover up about 33% of a tennis court? Moreover, every person breaths 16 times a minute on average, which makes it around 960 breaths per hour, more than 23 thousand breaths every single day of your life, and whopping 8.41 million breaths per year. You can now try calculating how many breaths you have taken in your life so far.
  6. If you have studied biology at high school, you must be aware of the fact that there is an ongoing system of generation and termination of cells in a human body. The people who are interested in space technology or astronomy can relate to this fact right here. They can easily confirm that there is also an ongoing process of emergence and destruction of stars across galaxies in the solar system. Amazing, isn’t it?
  7. What’s more, there is a regeneration system in place in both the human body and the universe. There is a very interesting theory that planets Earth and Venus, which are called planetary or twin planets for their same mass and size, were nothing but one and were divided into two planets as a result of the Big Bang. Two days on the planet Venus equals a year of life on the planet Earth. A pretty much similar process exists in the human body. Most of our cells regenerate themselves after their respective lifespan. On average, sperm cells have a lifespan of only three days, colon cells reach their end in just four days, skin cells exist for about three weeks, red blood cells have a lifespan of around four months, whereas white blood cells can go on to live for a year. However, brain cells generally survive the whole lifespan of a human body. It is quite interesting to see how 50-75 trillion cells in the human body regenerate themselves. Even the miosis and mitosis processes? in the human body also exist in the universe where stars do the same to form new bodies.


It is always interesting to explore and know more about the human body as well as the universe. The scientists recently discovered that the outer crust of a neutron star is an exact copy of our cellular membranes, which means that stars and humans share the same geometry. Human cells vary in size, so does stars. Stars have a limited lifespan, so as humans. After years of extensive research, we are now able to count the number of cells in a human body, but we don’t know how many more years it will take to determine the number of galaxies and stars in the solar system.