About Us

Acquainting the public with an extensive resource of consciousness expanding content, the Alien Nation Corporation strives to broaden its viewers’ inner eye, and help uncover great truths!

Alien Nation Corporation is a non-profit organization that responsibly provides reputable information that supports consciousness development and spiritual transformation.

Our informative platform is founded on the true principle of fulfilling the duties that we owe to our community as responsible members. And the greatest of all such responsibilities is to justly and conscientiously educate masses! For centuries we’ve been brainwashed into believing that we are educated enough, and told not to question things the way they are revealed upon us. And this is exactly what Alien Nation desires to rectify and eliminate!

The team behind Alien Nation Corporation strives to deliver authentic truth unveiling owed to well grounded research. At ANC, we provide high quality spiritual transformation material and consciousness development content that extensively covers aspects such as near-death experiences and remote viewing (OBE).

Alien Nation Corporation aspires to be way showers and capable leaders by uncovering the Greater Truth. We intend to faithfully continue providing enlightenment for all!