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The mystery of pyramids of Giza still excites people from all over the world. Many theories revolve around these majestic structures due to several unanswered questions. One theory that became center of attraction and worked as a magnet for many tourists is related to aliens; many theorists have been stressing this for so many years that the pyramids may have been constructed by aliens and tombs of pharaohs were possibly protected by them.

Now, even if we believe this alien conspiracy theory, the question arises why they would do so…

If aliens came to our planet in ancient times and built these impressively massive pyramids, those extra-terrestrials were way ahead of us in terms of technology. So much so that we, as a human collective, have been unable to decode it properly to date, after all this time with our cultural and technological evolution. They had advanced resources and means that could easily compete with our modern times and maybe even surpass our tech!

Why would these extraterrestrial beings, so ahead of us, invest in guarding the dead bodies of ancient kings of Egypt?

This question became the basis for several other eerie theories. Out of these theories, two are the most thrilling. The first one suggests that maybe the plan was to resurrect the kings, while the other remarkably premise that maybe those pharaohs from Ancient Egypt were human-alien hybrids.

Both of these theories are ludicrous enough, yet they give any thinking mind goosebumps, even without going into details. But what fun is that?

Let’s dig deep into these two suggestions that provide the basis for all related conspiracy theories about the pyramids and see how they fit into the overarching mystery of Giza.

Why So Many People on Earth Believe That Pyramids Were Built By Aliens

The simple logic, which these theorists offer, is that these monuments were well-beyond the human capability and technology available at that time in Ancient Egypt, or for the other civilizations around for that matter. That simply means humans were just unable to build these grand structures, period!

If you read about these structures extensively or observe the details, one will notice that there are two diagonal imaginary lines from pyramids on both sides going all the way to Nile River delta. Scientists, from recent times, are skeptical that it is unlikely for that ancient civilization to be able to construct it with this accuracy, as the distances were too large and geographical dimensional tools, quite simply insufficient.

The measurements are precise, magnetic north alignment and also alignment with celestial bodies are too much to give ancient Egyptians credit for. It has been argued since the discoveries of these pyramids that how could a civilization with such ‘primitive’ construction abilities and limited technological resources was able to achieve this.

Ancient Aliens: What are the Pyramids | History

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Keep in mind that we are talking about our ancestors from 4600 years before… this is the primary reason that many believe that it was not our human ancestors who made such remarkable pyramids. It was, in fact, aliens from the outer world!

Egyptians Knew How To Fly?

These otherworldly beings were then believed to be gods and were reportedly worshipped as well during those times. The theory argues how do you think Egyptians flew over Earth without any evidence in history to see the origin of Nile? It was attributed to something supernatural (i.e. aliens) who may have contributed to the construction and orientation of pyramids and its diagonal directions.

This is a known fact (at least for now) that our Egyptians ancestors didn’t have a compass. You must be thinking about what this has to do with the alien theory? Well, here is the reason for bringing it up!

Shockingly, the pyramids face the magnetic North Pole and they are very precise in orientation. They did that without the use of a compass.

The Giza wonders are a pure example of sheer mathematical beauty. They are so well calculated that it blew away the minds of historians. Maybe, we are underestimating ancient Egyptians and their capabilities. Or maybe these conspiracy theorists are on the right track in answering many surrounding mysteries, they did get help.

The actual mystery is, there are no signs of intelligence found which was used to build the hulk-sized resting places for kings.

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Alignment with celestial objects is remarkable. Sunsets in the exact center of two pyramids and the view are breathtaking on summer solstice evenings. There is no evidence found until now that can even remotely hint about Egyptians knowing the length of a year or anything about the summer solstice. On the other hand, way advanced extra-terrestrials would have been able to do that (assuming they exist with superior knowledge and subsequent technology).

That is not it! Winter solstice is also wonderful as the sun traces the head of Sphinx built right in front of pyramids as it rises.

Sphinx and Constellation of Leo

Another mind-blowing discovery reveals that these marvels are a mirror image on Earth of three stars from the belt of Orion. Quite remarkable!

The positioning of these pyramids perfectly aligns with the position of three stars as they were in 10,500 BC.

Ancient Aliens: Astronomy and Alien Structures (Season 12, Episode 4) | History

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No! Wait, there’s more… do you know that this belt of Orion is the constellation of Leo? Too much of a coincidence that Sphinx is sitting in all its glory in front of the mystical pyramids.

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With all the facts, stats, resources, and evidence, we are still unable to detect how Egyptians were able to do that. Maybe they never did!
This leads to alien-human gods of Egypt…. To be continued!

This article is part of our ‘Deep Hidden Secrets’ series at Alien Nation Corporation.

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