Will you believe if we tell you aliens are for real and not only for real, they are even living among us on earth? It is absurd if you think about it scientifically but will it be still unbelievable if one’s religion has faith in it?

Religions have long been known to make people believe in things that they may not even consider if not for religion. This even created the bloodiest conflicts of history. One’s beliefs are the most beloved possession for them but every religion’s followers seem bloodthirsty of other religions. Same is happening with the members of Sunrise Valley in Brazil.

There is a religion whose followers believe themselves to be the incarnations of extraterrestrial beings.

Almost an hour outside Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, lies a Valley of the Dawn also called Sunrise Valley. The people living here are following a relatively new religion. The valley was established in 1959. Its founder was a mother of four children, Neiva Chaves Zelaya who is now known as Aunt Neiva.

The beginning

She worked as a truck driver when Brasilia was under construction until suddenly she started experiencing physic episodes. In the beginning, she had no idea what is happening to her but later she realized (how factors unknown) that these physic episodes are actually visits from spirits of aliens.

She declared later that she was guided by “Father White Arrow”, whose original name is Pai Seta Branca. There are many statues of Father White Arrow now in the Valley and he is believed to be a spirit emissary. His statues resemble with native South Americans.

The Core Belief

According to this religion, missionaries from outside Earth colonized our planet almost 32,000 years ago. They were directed by Pai Seta Branca. The religion challenges the very concept of human evolution by crediting these early aliens for our evolution from earlier species to Homo sapiens.

Pyramids of Egypt, stone megaliths of Easter Island, and technological constructions of Machu Picchu are some of the places or sites, which the members of Valley believe were built by their great extraterrestrial beings.

This religion believes in atoning the karmic debts from past lives through rituals. The believers are convinced that they will be able to manipulate space and time by the advent of the Third Millennium.

How it is Received

It is one of the fastest-growing religions in Brazil as it claimed to have 800,000 followers and 600 temples around the globe. Despite the fact that it is gaining followers throughout the world, it has not been received enthusiastically (just like any other new religion). The older and more powerful religions in Brazil, with Christianity in the lead, denounce it and label it as a cult. It is not new for whenever there has been a new system of beliefs or even a deviation from the prominent religions, the followers have given a tough time. The evangelicals are trying their best for conversions of the members of Valley.

Religion and Intolerance

Basically religious intolerance sprouts from religious manipulation. For religiously intolerant people beliefs of others are not important. They see beliefs other than theirs as false, blasphemous, offensive, and in some extreme cases worthy of incarceration.

It can be cruel and history is full of murders on this basis. It can even affect the society to a larger extent than being an individual matter. Intolerance has been fed to the masses by the system. They have used manipulation as a tool for many reasons, such as:

  • Desire to control
  • Power
  • Money
  • Silence opposition

However, the followers of Valley are paying no heed to any of this and they are continuously attempting to recruit more people. Valley members refer to themselves as mediums as they consider they are the newest form of incarnation; they call themselves Jaguars.

Some Interesting Things to Know

Flying saucers are a mystery to many of us but these people, they believe in flying saucers. This religion is a mixture of several practices from Afro-Brazilian religions, syncretism, mysticism, Christianity, ancient Egyptian beliefs and Spiritism.

Upon entering Sunrise Valley, the first impression feels like entering into some parallel world. Members can be seen wearing vibrant costumes. It gives away the effect of a sorcery world. You may be taken aback if you see a lady in green robes with stars sparkling on her outfit but here it is quite normal.

Roman saints, Indian chiefs, Afro-Brazilian orixas, Roman legionnaires, and several others were also re-casted as avatars if this new alien religion is considered. It dissolves the limits of nation, race, time, and place. If this religion is to be believed, then individual adherents are nothing and this whole world is a part of some cosmic drama.

End Note

Well, many are taking this religion as a threat because it negates what they have known and believed all their life. It is not about the contradictions of this new fait with existing religions and science, it is more about acceptance and allowing the freedom to choose.

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