Every morning in the early light, you could see the clouds of dust hovering from the ground which creates fog in Silvies Valley Ranch, Oregon. This dust comes from the hooves of cattle that are being moved from one ranch to another. The dust and noise from hooves is mixed with low voices from the cowboys and small barks of herding dogs.

This was just another ordinary day, starting out like the rest of the days on this side of the world. However, it soon turned into a nightmare for everyone when the first mutilated body was found. One by one, five carcasses of young and previously healthy breeding bulls were found over the course of a few days. It presented an eerie sight but this is not the end. Rather, it is the beginning of quite a mysterious story.

Alien Nation

The Oddity Of It All

The bulls were not killed for food or for leather. The weirdest and creepiest thing about the mutilation: There was not a single drop of blood to be found around, no trace of anything remotely reminiscent of blood stains around the carcasses. Yet, blood was drained off all the bodies.

Adding to the gore, the bulls were mutilated. Yes, their sex organs and tongues were surgically removed – how despicable. Now, imagine someone doing all that to those poor animals and there is no sign of blood, isn’t that just spooky?

No evidence of shooting, poisoning, or a predatory attack was found, nothing, nada! All the dead bulls were found within a radius of a mile and a half, mysteriously they were all found in the exact some condition. To top it all off, the bulls were all of the same age, purebred and ready-to-breed. The peculiar thing about this strange occurrence that puzzled everyone, and which is also the cause of all the remarkable theories around these ‘murders’ is that, there were no signs of any tracks or footmarks or anything similar to be found around the bodies.

The Speculations

Alien Nation

It is like someone had sucked all the blood out of these bulls, took their genitals, tongues, what not, and just disappeared into thin air. This of course, gave way to a lot of intriguing speculations. Many theories were established around the mysterious killings of these animals. Some say that this is some cult in action, some try to put the blame on scavengers, and some claim that this is a conspiracy against Ranch (Silvies Valley Ranch). For them the motive was simple, hurt the Ranch financially. However, these theories might still be a bit groundless because of lack of any corroborating evidence to support such claims.

What Do Aliens Have To Do With All This?

The county sheriff had received an incident call and was asked to check under the bodies. According to the caller, there might be a depression on the land underneath these carcasses. He was convinced that aliens are behind these killings and they might have used some sort of strong-intensity light beam to lift the animals. Once they are done with whatever they planned, the carcass was then dropped or transported back to the Earth. This explains no traces, footmarks, and no sign of blood remnants.

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This happened in July 2019 but this is not the first time something of the sort has happened and not the first time people are attributing it to the aliens. It sounds like a strange alien fiction plot but it is not. It is all too real to close our eyes to it. This is not something that should brushed away under the carpet. Several times in recent times, we have heard reports about occurrence of such incidents.

Similar Occurrences

A case similar to this one was reported in 2018 in Arizona. A cow and a bull were found dead, their bodies mutilated. Even before that, several cases were filed against unknown enemies of bulls and cows. This became so big that even FBI was involved back in 1970s.

No supernatural source has been discovered in any of the cases but these murders fuel the imaginations whatsoever. FBI and other investigations tried to calm the rumors with an explanation. According to them, natural causes cannot be ruled out.

Natural Explanations

The seemingly bizarre mutilations can be natural. Try believing that.

When an animal drops dead, blood is pulled down by gravity, forming a pool in and around the body. When animal hides (skins) are dried down, these split open like someone had performed clean surgical cuts. The blood will drain from these cuts and slowly seep into ground. The question is then does it appear like it has been drained out.

Bugs, birds, and other scavengers normally target the soft tissues like eyes, tongue, and genitals which might explain the missing organs. None of this has been obviously been proven and this is the reason why the said theory is as good as any other theory related to these murders.

Question Remains…

Among all of these theories, whether we want to accept it or not, the one theory considering the supernatural causes, seems quite plausible to explain the perplexing circumstances around the incident. How else can one justify absence of any marks, tracks or traces, given that the Ranch in Oregon is dusty where it is hard to leave no traces behind? We will leave you with this last bit: Close observation of the mutilated animal remains showed that the genitals and tongues seemed to have also been cut from a sharp knife or scalpel. Let’s state the obvious; Scavengers definitely cannot use scalpels!

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