Today, we are trying to find a hint of life on the red planet but what if they have already found us? Or maybe they have created us…

It all stems from the legend of Fallen Angels. We all have heard stories of fallen angels who were sent to Earth for they have sinned, they violated the Divine Law and as a punishment was cast out of heaven.

From the Bible to Enoch, there are references to these fallen angels. However, they were very different from how we presume angels to be. They were like us, human beings. Only taller, paler, and slimmer with big eyes but certainly no wings.

Even one of the great poets that we know, Dante, suggested in his works that these angels traveled from Mars, even though he called it as the ‘fifth level of heaven’.

They Brought Life To Earth?

Authorities on ancient history and ‘experts’ on extraterrestrials/aliens are debating that it may be time for us to reinterpret the accounts of fallen angels. Some ancient astronaut theorists even believe that the life of Homo sapiens on Earth as we know it actually seeded from Mars. According to their theories, the human-like creatures from Mars can be our ancestors.

This all could be a cooked up meal by controversial theorists because they are the ones who ignited this fire in the first place. They showed this direction to people by stating that the references to fallen angels in the Hebrew Bible are actually referring to ‘our’ extraterrestrial forefathers.

Religion and Science Backs the Legend

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Founder of the KosherTorah School, Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, also confirmed that there is an ancient legend about a group of angels descended to earth in Book of Enoch. He gives the same reason for their exile; violation of the divine law.

He also claimed that the human civilization apparently learned about many different ways and means from these beings throughout the history, including an introduction to various facets of crucial knowledge that would not have been otherwise easily understood or discovered by humans on their own.

This includes science and technology, FYI!

These human-like angels were referred to as ‘אִישׁ’ which is a Hebrew word for man.

This is not the only interesting part there is more to this legend and it keeps on getting exciting.

There is a possibility that giants actually roamed our planet somewhere in ancient human history.


Shocking? How about the likelihood that those giants were none other than the fallen angels?

Founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives, Dr. Jonathan Young is certain that fallen angels were giants. With striking features and big eyes, these giants had no wings which made them look more human-like. They were believed to be at least ten feet tall in height.

We Could Be Transformed to Resemble the Fallen Angels

Some modern scientists back these stories through their examinations.

Human bodies have amazing capacities to adapt to changes. (Read: Evolution)


Scientists have speculated an idea about the transformative physical and intrinsic changes human bodies may undergo over a period of time when babies are born on Mars. The conclusions derived from these speculations lead us to physical characteristics that resemble very closely the descriptions about the bodies of fallen angels. That is indeed mind-blowing!

Sue Ann Pen, an astronaut candidate for Mars One Astronaut, highlighted the fact that when astronauts live in space they grow two to three inches. This supports the theory that the environment is going to bring about some natural changes in human body structure when they are born on Mars, which is a totally different environment to our habitat on Earth.

Since the forces of gravity are much less on Mars when compared with Earth, there is a fair chance that after a few centuries or millennia, subsequent generations will be taller and skinnier than we are now, if they inhabited Mars. There are chances of getting paler and developing bigger eyes because the red planet is further away from the sun as compared to Earth. There will be less sunlight and low visibility, hence, the evolutionary response of bigger eyes.

IF YOU WERE TO BELIEVE ALL THIS, then it all adds up to one thing:

May be Fallen Angels were not really angels, they were aliens who happen to be living on Mars, even before we got there? We leave it your imagination…

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