Lewis Carroll — ‘It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.’

There was a time not too long ago, when if you were to tell someone that just by speaking into a small black cylinder with holes, you could communicate back and forth with an individual hundreds of miles away at the other end of the line, and you would probably be burnt alive on a stake for a claim so outlandish. You would be labeled a maniac and segregated for being ‘mentally ill’.

Does this treatment sound too harsh for someone who was just pronouncing a truth too nonconventional and hi-tech for their time? If yes, then how is it that we harbor no space and empathy anymore for sceptics from the present generation? Why are all those creative and non-conformative bogged down as ‘losers’ and labeled ‘conspiracists’- as if that’s a cussword!?

Telephones, in the nineteenth century, were an invention inconceivable for the average mind. And today, telephones are beyond archaic- we have cellphones now that are like supercomputers and these too are upgraded at regular intervals- the future is truly colorful, where anything seems possible!

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So much potential and yet, the conversation on extraterrestrial life hits a dead-end every time it is initiated.

What if there was a way to communicate with beings from outside the skirts of Earth’s biosphere. Would a discovery so major be allowed public exposure? From experience, we can unearth the response as being a safe ‘no’. The government goes beyond being the guardians of truth; they have become the guardians of sacred knowledge!

There is evidence that there are substances that hold the capacity to introduce us to a world of sentient beings and marvelous adventures. Amongst those substances, the most unregulated one is DMT. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is ‘is an intense naturally-occurring psychedelic that’s also found endogenously in the human body.’ There are large numbers of people who are wholly convinced that DMT is possibly the guardian of the gateway to a world of extraterrestrials and afterlife. As per US government’s tradition, individuals with such beliefs are often demonized as being lunatics and ‘druggists’.

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Being inebriated on DMT has been informally termed as DMT ‘tripping’. The tripping experience is variously defined as being an out-of-body experience. From seeing completely new colors to visions filled with unimaginable shapes, the DMT experience is something indescribable and totally ‘wild’. Harnessing profound world-view changing capacities, DMT is a revolutionary drug that makes the human mind go to a place that is impossible to reach when conscious.

Owing to the potential of DMT, theorists such as Alex Jones believe that DMT is used in a far more sophisticated situations that only dimly lit parties with under-aged users. Jones proposes that there are government bodies using DMT to communicate with extraterrestrial beings.  In the interview below, when asked about why government bodies would even want to communicate with alien forces, he replies that if he answers this questions, he would be ‘killed for it’.

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Jones is not the only one convinced that the government has initiated complex efforts to make communication with aliens possible. There are others holding similar beliefs too and with very plausible theories:

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The possibility of DMT and psychedelics making interdimensional and galactic communication possible is because of the uniqueness and yet, the similarity of all DMT experiences. Playing on astral dimensions and dealing with a reality divided from the present universe, these trips are designed to ensure that your body experiences something completely unique. DMT is a drug with the potential to change people and revolutionize lifestyles. Playing on the idea that DMT usage can be used to communicate with extraterrestrial beings, there are theorists that are trying to research more on this question so that they can acquire external knowledge and learn more about foreign entities.

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The State’s clandestine DMT operations further lead to the question: what if a DMT trip is not a trip, but another reality from another realm altogether? The possibilities are endless and the answers, completely absent. The ‘spirit molecule’ ingestion makes users see slinky toys, machine elves, gigantic mantis, sleeping Buddha, and more. Are the unique characters that we see when on DMT trying to communicate with us using psychedelic messages? Is a DMT Trip what life will be like when we die? Do our pineal glands actually secrete DMT and is the state promoting fluoride use to dissolve this naturally occurring gland in our body because they fear that we too might be able to communicate with outer-worldly beings?

These questions can be answered only with serious academic scholarship devoted to further research on DMT with a special focus on intergalactic communication. DMT induces results that are hard to explain because of the alien nature of these trips. However, what is very interesting to note is that most DMT trips have similar stories. These similarities can be used to conduct reliable research experiments with the hypothesis that with DMT ingestion, we are creating some sorts of mental portals that encourage interaction between ‘us’ and them. According to DMT specialists, DMT trips are supposed to induce something akin to slow dawn and slower horror. We are not advocates of using drug use but it is undeniable that a DMT can be truly life-altering. Let us use this horror and knowledge to traipse past state censors and access the universe beyond!

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