Black Mirror is a British dystopian science fiction show that aired its first episode in 2011 on Channel 4 in the UK. The first 4 seasons of the show were aired solely on Channel 4. Later its special episode, Bandersnatch that is an interactive episode was released on Netflix, along with the latest season 5.

The show is a satire about technological advancement based on society’s current obsession with screens. It shows how deeply involved we have gotten with the technology and amplifies the repercussions of what it might do humanity in the future.

Although we haven’t tapped into all of the technological advancement revealed in the show yet and we might be far from it at the moment but there is the technology that has already been introduced and has been used for years. Here is the list of 5 products and apps that are in Black Mirror and a version of them exists in real life.

  1. Snap Inc., Spectacle

Based on the episode, “The Entire History of You,” which introduces us to a unique lens called “grain,” that records every moment of your life and allows you to revisit them whenever you want.

Though this product hasn’t reached the same potential as “grain” yet it lets you record 10 seconds with its camera-equipped in the sunglasses. Although the design is not as sleek as shown in the episode but it is a start.

  1. Crystal

In the episode, “Be right Back” a wife saddened by her husband’s death brings him back through a service that uses his social media presence and photos to recreate his presence.

Automated Chatbots have already been made available on Facebook and a few other apps. Similarly, there is another personality detection service called Crystal that collects all the data of the person available online and tailor-made the emails keeping the essence of the person intact.

  1. Animoji

In the new feature launched in iPhone X linked with the TrueDepth camera, you can create a cartoon replica of yourself that not only duplicate your physical features but also replicate your voice.

Similar to the “The Waldo Moment” episode, where a cartoon character, Waldo after his immense success has joined politics. The person who voiced the character was lost and people only remembered the cartoon.

Animoji has been used by various people to create various personalities and gain fame. It’s not that far when people would remember the characters more than the people who created them.

  1. Alexa

“Cookie” was introduced in Christmas special episode “White Christmas” where it uses a person’s consciousness and act as a personal assistant and smart control the appliances of the house.

We haven’t gotten to a point where our conscious runs the house, but Amazon’s Alexa can control features of the house such as lights, temperature, among others.

  1. Rate Me

The feature to rate the services one has consumed has been gaining a lot of popularity. The idea behind it is to use the ratings to improve the services. However, with apps like Uber and Postmates, you rate the person who provided you with the service and then others use those ratings to decide whether they want to use the service or not.

In the episode, “Nosedive” people not only rate the services but also the people they interacted with. When they meet a new person, their current ratings open up beside their head that allows you to decide your actions accordingly.

A similar system is under the plan in China known as ‘social credit’ that rates how trustworthy someone is based on their political beliefs and financial standings.

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