Reaching the moon has always been a wild fantasy, occupying a recurring role in fictional tales. Before the ‘actual’ moon landing, the possibility of such a thing happening had only been limited to cinema, folk tales, and fictional writing pieces. When the landing actually -apparently- took place, with the United States’ Apollo 11 being the first crewed mission to land on the Moon, on July 20th, 1969, people were in a state of disbelief. Try to comprehend their disbelief like this: Aliens are such a mythical concept, with the wider population accepting their existence solely within the restricted realm of Star Wars, that if tomorrow the Government would finally relent and accept to their actual existence, people would be completely flabbergasted. Similarly, the moon landing also left people with mixed feelings. Those mixed emotions exist even today, with many skeptical and unsure.

While some remain dubious about the success of the actual expedition itself, some are highly cynical regarding what actually happened up there. Bulgarian researcher Dr. Vladimir Terziski lends his support to the idea that the moon landing did not only conclude simply with the mere hoisting of the US flag but with the finishing of the building of an entire, highly secret Lunar Research Base. Where some claim that the 1969 expedition led to the construction of the first Lunar Research Base, others are certain that Adolf Hitler was the first one to achieve this feat in 1942.

Those firmly believing the landing to be a fake, suspect so on solid, scientific foundations. The most common argument is that the way to the moon is not different from a road in Los Angeles, annoying traffic and pedestrians and all. However, the only difference is, the car on our roads is driven by sentient beings who know when to brake and when to make way for you. In space, the bodies floating about pay heed to no one. With solar flares, radiation belts, coronal mass ejections and cosmic rays so abundant, the possibility of a successful trip to and from 238,900 miles sounds no less than the plot of a Spielberg hit.

Oh, and the famous images of NASA astronauts and the US flag? People believe these strikingly authentic-looking photographs are the result of a high-end photography session conducted right here in a Warner Bros studio! Also, some people point to the absence of any stars in these pictures and the very obvious ripples in the flag- how could the flag possibly have been fluttering at a place where gravity is non-existent (or as so we have been taught)?

There is also a larger population that believes that the trip to the moon was far from peaceful. Citizens have criticized astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for not only hiding crucial information from the public but also participating in the Government and NASA’s efforts to censor the truth about extraterrestrial life on the moon. Many claims that the two American men discovered radar antennas and structures made by intelligent beings on the darker side of the moon. Others claim that there exist intricately built caves on the moon– all of this is information that has been kept from the public to prevent the dispersion of intelligence.

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