Symbolism is everywhere. From nature to architecture, we have signs all around us that are trying to convey messages of a relevance greater than everyday life. Be it a color, or a texture, or a shape, nothing exists in its present form without reason. Leaves are green not because God was feeling cheerful when creating plants- the answer is chlorophyll.

We as human society need to look beyond the State-draped curtains and understand what the structures around are saying to us. They are wordlessly spelling out the deepest secrets of nature, the celestial, and human society. Amongst some of the most symbolic architectures of all time is a seemingly unremarkable, yet an unarguably magnetic black cube.

Is this black cube indicative of global occult worship? Is it a not-so-secret blueprint of the next biggest technology in the making? Is this cube a symbol for yet another State secret dealing with the extraterrestrials? Regardless of whatever the black cube symbolizes, the fact is undeniable that this cube boxes a great mystery which, with the evolution of the internet and growing human interest, can no longer be veiled under abstractionism.

From unbelievably brilliant linguistic tropes to truly convincing symbolistic notes, the mystery behind the Solar System’s sixth planet is enshrouded in science, religion, astronomy, and politics.

The historic relevance that surrounds Saturn is much larger than the planet’s size, which is the second-largest in the Solar System. A giant ball of gases, with stunningly beautiful gaseous rings, Saturn’s connections with religion and ancient societies are expansive. Named after the Roman God of Wealth, Saturn’s astronomic symbol represents God’s sickle.

All of the questions and mysteries surrounding Saturn starts with the eerie rhyming of this gorgeous planet’s name with God’s archenemy: Satan. By just removing the ‘r’ or silencing it, the word literally spells and sounds ‘Satan’. The biblical villainizing of Satan is deeply rooted in the obsession of satanic powers with wealth accumulation. Is it then a coincidence that Saturn is named after the God of Wealth himself? Is this naming a chillingly accurate means of labeling this planet the ‘God of Satans’? Or, the ‘Satan of Gods’, maybe?

Another strong indicator of the close relationship between Satan and Saturn is number 6. A truly prolific number in the study of Satanism and religion, it is common knowledge that the numbers 666, as termed in the Book of Revelation, conjoin to form the number of the beast. Also known as the devil’s number, the number 6 springs up just too many times to be a coincidence with correlation to Saturn.

  1. Saturn is the 6th planet in the solar system.
  2. Saturn forms the name ‘Saturday’, which is the sixth day of the week.
  3. Saturn’s north-pole is six-sided.
  4. Saturn has 6 most well-defined rings- the seventh one is quite faint.

Apart from the connections between Saturn and 6, the similarities between Saturn and Satan are plenty too. In Ancient Babylon, the people of Babylon who were pioneering technological geniuses of their time constructed a very tall hexagonal tower that had a cube at the very top. Atop this black cube, Babylonians climbed up to fight Satan himself! This tower was also constructed facing Saturn itself.

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This story raises many questions but the most pressing amongst them is: how did this ancient nation know where Saturn was?

Saturn’s exact shape, rings, and beauty have been the subjects of poems and fables centuries-old, much earlier than Galileo’s telescopic invention. The level of information on Saturn and its accuracy amongst ancient populations is proof that Saturn’s history has much more to unearth than has been discovered by the Renaissance men. Saturn’s ancient portrayal of a God that is capable of alternating between time and dimensions, or an old man with the knowledge of darkness, or the earliest form of modern-day Grim Reaper with a sickle speaks volumes about the creativity with which Saturn was an integral part of culture and literature.

Transitioning from antiquity to modernity, the planet Saturn today is an attractive discussion topic for science enthusiasts and teenaged nerds. From Cassini’s fatal voyage to the chilling NASA audio recording of the sounds being emitted from Saturn’s gaseous body, Saturn is all over social media. Religious fanatics have even gone as far as swearing that the audio recordings of Saturn are literally demonic screams from the house of Satan himself. Cassini’s demise, on the other hand, is another sensational topic that according to some citizens was a state-sponsored suicide propagated to destroy sensitive information before it was released to NASA.

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They are truly everywhere. From Manhattan to Mecca to Sydney, gorgeous and enormous black cubes are popular photo spots and tourist attractions in modern megacities.

The theorizations regarding these geometrical shapes are myriad and unbelievably creative. However, answers from the state and science are nil, if not scarce. From our motherboards to circuits to CPUs, technology has integrated this color and shape into our everyday life too. Taking into account religious aspects, from the Kabbah to Jewish headgear and Buddhist stupas, big black boxes symbolize something sanctimonious or God himself in various religious beliefs!

Saturn and the Black Cube to collide at a religious intersection, one that is ruled by Saturnian cults. These cults have worshipped Saturn and Satan for centuries now. Members of these cults, according to non-academic reports, are persons with significant wealth and local influence. No contemporary confirmed members have been outed as of yet.

Saturn’s rings, just like the black cube, form an important part of our daily lives. From marriage rings to halos, these rings are present everywhere, and are deeply ingrained in religion too!

Accelerating technological evolution, is the black cube a symbol for an upcoming grave scientific innovation that can disrupt humankind as we know it? Will this invention be premised upon satanic rituals and funded by the members of the secret Saturnian societies?

Or are the increased Saturn symbolizations and the black cube a warning that the world is soon to be overrun by the secret societies that are behind these dark imageries?

The speculations are many, the public is anxious, and the state, as always, is without any answers. Before dismissing these symbols as nothing worth being concerned over, remember that the universe is full of symbols and all of them are in existence for a reason.

Never stop seeking answers!

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