“My boyfriend had a gun. He told me to hold it here and press the trigger. Oh my God, he’s dead!” read full

We hear many stories almost every day but very few are able to catch our attention. Normally, the stories that often stay etched in our memories, are usually the odd ones out. Human tragedy has a unique power that makes it stick with us for the longest times. And if this tragedy is spiced up with some baffling mystery then it definitely becomes even more compelling.

It is simple: higher the stakes, more impactful the story becomes. However, all the crimes like murder, rape, death, exile, mixed with elements of suspense and the supernatural, are sensational and evoke plenty of raw emotions. But these also make them remarkable stories that are almost impossible to forget.

Here, when we say ‘stories’, we don’t mean fiction, we are talking about real life incidents that gained notoriety because they were eerie and mysterious. In this blog, the story we are about to share has all the elements of an enthralling story, only that it is does not have a happy ending.

The Murder

July 15 2017, the 911 dispatch center was lit up due to a frantic call by a lady named, Barbara Rogers. She was calling from a home situated in Coolbaugh Township (Pennsylvania), almost 110 miles north of Philadelphia.

Alien Nation

Upon arrival, the local police discovered a body of Steven Mineo. The deceased was 32 years old at the time of his murder and was shot from a close distance on forehead. Later, police arrested Rogers and charged her with her boyfriend’s murder.

If you are thinking that is our story, then hold tight because this not just another B-movie script. Something even more eerie is coming up!

A Creepy Turn

This seemed like an open and shut case of domestic killing but it took a very strange turn. Investigators were caught in a bizarre backstory. Apparently, both Rogers and her deceased boyfriend Mineo were part of an extraterrestrial cult.

Alien Nation

As soon as Rogers’s trial for first degree murder began, she started hurling out strange and spooky facts. The fact that the couple was part of some cult doesn’t sound all that sinister on its own. But when other details surfaced, they were troubling.

According to Rogers, both she and Steven Mineo had gotten into a disagreement with none other than the leader of this cult. The disagreement distraught Mineo, he handed the gun to Rogers who pulled the trigger. Rogers claimed she was unaware that the weapon was loaded.

The Leader Of A Cult

Now, coming back to the leader of the cult, Sherry Shriner: She preaches her followers about apocalyptic biblical interpretations, alien conspiracy theories, and also warns them about reptilian extraterrestrials living secretly as humans. If this is not a concoction enough to mess with your head, then we have some more…

Rogers was adamant during her trial that Mineo wanted to end his life because he believed that Sherry Shriner was an imposter. According to her, the deceased was stressed about their cult leader and believed that she is a reptilian extraterrestrial in the human form!

Sherry Shriner denied that she is running any cult although she has multiple websites and YouTube videos revolving around the same subjects and theories mentioned by Rogers. Even Mineo’s social media is full of several such posts.

Alien Nation

According to Shriner, she knew Rogers was bad news and she even informed Mineo but he didn’t believe her. She went far enough to claim that Mineo hated her because she told him her true assessment about Rogers that she is going to destroy him which she eventually did.

If we believe Shriner’s version, then apparently watching movie ‘Resident Evil’ triggered Rogers to kill her boyfriend. She also claimed that she is not leading any cult and her followers are free to heed or ignore her preaching as they like.

This is all so messed up and none of it makes any sense. However, Rogers was found ‘less guilty’ in the circumstances and in the end was charged for third-degree murder. 44-year old Rogers was given a minimum prison sentence of 15 years (going up to 40 years).

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