The obsession with the British Royal family never fades away. Even when it feels like the hype is dying down, there is a new royal baby or a wedding or some other royal shenanigan, and all hell breaks loose. At best, this obsession is intoxicating and difficult to wear off.

Somehow, when it comes to the Royals many people turn into conspiracy theorists. Paparazzi are ever ready to strip the family members down and with this new rabbit-hole named internet, there is simply no escape for them.

People have been speculating about the Royals for ages. Their every move is scrutinized, their pictures spread like wildfire, and mad theories are circulated about them.

Royals – Shape-Shifting Reptiles?

Professional conspiracy theorists are known to go beyond a normal person’s imagination, and when it comes to the Royal Family, the same happened with David Icke.

He argues that the members of British Royal Family are descendants of extraterrestrial reptilian blood. He believes these hybrids are responsible for major world events, like the Holocaust and 9/11.

According to Icke, they have formed secret societies, too. He not only accuses British royals of working against human gain but in his point of view, all royals from every part of the world are part of this secret society.

Alien Nation

He calls them lizard-people and accuses them of controlling everything in this world. Almost all high profile politicians, businessmen, and think-tanks are human/reptilian alien hybrids. This band of reptile humanoids is known as “Annunaki”.

So, if we are to believe Icke, ‘Lizard People’ run the world?!

Queen Eats Human Flesh

The reigning queen Elizabeth II is the only British Monarch to have ruled for this long. She is close to a hundred but her youthfulness energy is still radiant.

She is probably the most guarded person in the modern times. No commoner is allowed in close proximity of the Queen. The exposure to the public is controlled and her private life is a mystery.

It seems like there are some dark secrets behind the castle walls which can never see the light of the day. One might wonder what the reason behind her aversion to interviews is.

It is hard to imagine that even after ruling for almost 70 years she has never given an interview.

This secrecy gave way to several theories and one of them is built around cannibalism. Many theorists believe that the Queen consumes human flesh to remain youthful and full of energy.

Jim Willie is one of these theorists who has claimed that missing children has to do something with her dark habit. He even went as far as claiming that he has witnessed the Queen kidnapping ten children in 1964 from his Catholic school.

One report from an anonymous on-duty soldier also made rounds in the 1970s. The soldier was on duty in Windsor Castle, Queen’s home. He stated that while he was performing his duties he came across a secret freezer.

The freezer was hidden in the kitchens of the palace. What he found inside was enough to make any person sick. It was full of human body parts. This fueled (the already) ongoing speculations, theorists were convinced about cannibalism in the royal family.

Prince of Transylvania Is a Vampire

Prince Charles, the heir to the throne has jokingly said once, “Transylvania is in my blood”. Now, was he just joking or there was an underlying hint to that statement?

Prince was offered the title of ‘Prince of Transylvania’ due to his links to the region. It seems like he loves the place a lot and has worked actively to promote its tourism.

Now, everyone knows this place is famous due to Vlad the Impaler, who became the inspiration for the infamous Dracula.

Even genealogy records suggest that Prince Charles descends from Vlad the Impaler.

Another reason that made conspiracy theorists’ claims strong is a disease that runs in many royals. Some British royals suffer from Porphyria. It is a form of iron deficiency due to which skin becomes sensitive to sunlight.

Do we need to remind you that vampires cannot stand sunlight?

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