Humanity’s obsession with other species has always been fascinating. We have attempted to study, classify, and learn from virtually every living organism – be it animals, plants, or bacteria – since the time we have existed as homo sapiens. However, species that live on other stars and planets have also been a subject of interest from people across the globe. These UFO sightings are often random and do not seem to follow a specific pattern, with most claims of such sightings being vilified by the mainstream media and immediately discarded by those consuming that information. One anomaly does seem to exist in terms of frequency of UFO sightings.

The San Luis Valley in the state of Colorado is home to more than just species that only inhabit the Earth. It is a vast valley spanning 8,000 square miles in south-central Colorado at an average elevation of 7,664 feet above sea-level – approximately 120 miles long and 75 miles wide. And as of the 2010 Census, it only had about 47,000 people, equating to about 5.6 people per square mile. The story really to the attention of the mainstream media when a farmer Judy Messoline moved to the Valley to farm cows for a living. Her herd failed to take off and soon she was facing financial ruin unless she sold her cattle and the land they grazed upon with it. By that time she had been a well-settled and respected member of the community, witnessing UFOs herself. The thought struck her of creating a watchtower which allows for a better view for sightings these UFOs. The watchtower is essentially 10 feet raised deck made from metal. Initially intended purely as a commercial business venture meant to attract tourists and other hitchhikers, it quickly became a notable and well-respected establishment. News of this tower spread like wildfire and was promoted by mainstream media outlets, leading to a surge in its popularity. This surge in popularity has helped the locals provide credibility to their claims of frequent yet erratic UFO sightings for as long as one remembers. This is not to say that everyone part of that community or all the tourists passing by or visiting the area have experienced the sighting of a UFO. However, the collective experience and connectedness to earn other’s intellect as human beings take precedence and everyone believes in these occurrences.

While there is no doubt about extraterrestrial operated flying vehicles, there is a lot of speculation over why San Luis experiences such sightings so frequently. A very possible and strong explanation for this is that there exists a hidden alien base somewhere in the Valley, with these UFOs being used to transport personnel in and out of the base. So far it is believed that this species of aliens are friendly and peaceful given the lack of terrorizing and harassment of the locals. There was one incident back in 1967 when a horse with a cauterized neck, no blood in its body with no signs of being attacked, and a deformed head showed up dead in town. This incident likely marked the beginning of operations at this base and this incident was isolated as since then there have been no unexplained abductions or deaths of humans or other animals.

While the watching tower continues to gain prominence, it remains to be seen whether or not these outer space beings will ever reveal themselves or if human curiosity and innovation will allow us to discover this base once and for all or if another sound explanation is proved to provide reasoning to these frequent yet fascinating UFO sightings.


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