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The Dark Lord

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Saturn and the secret symbols

The god you pray to may not be the god you think he is

The dark powers have existed from the beginning of human history, covered behind religions and priesthoods in every civilization that ever existed on the planet. Throughout the centuries they have always been the same sly powers.

The ancient god Saturn was worshiped on the Earth for thousands of years and this has never stopped.

It is considered that the era of Saturn was the period of time, during which the “golden genre” of Hesiod fell away a lot of levels… that was the time when the priesthoods of Saturn- the eternal enemies of Hellenism- were ruling Atlantis and Babylon, with a natural consequence the hostility of the people of Atlantis and Persians the Greeks.

Even though it may seem weird to some people, the worship and ceremonies to Saturn and whatever he represents continue to our days, with the total amount of his “believers” belonging to the classes of Suzerainties, since their “philosophy” matches completely with Saturn.

It comes naturally, that his “worshippers” use a variety of “secret” symbols (some are coming from very long time ago), among which we can find the cube, the hexagon, the stat with six peaks, the rings nebula (because of the planet), the reversed five-pointed star. number 666, etc. We can see those everywhere… or even better we are literally being bombarded by them, either in entertainment industry, or in compare logos, or in different forms at art… Of course, it comes naturally that the small especially frequent appearance eliminates the possibility of coincidence.

The “Saturners” have chosen these symbols with the secret meaning, so as, when they present them as their badges, to show us that they possess and control everything, even if our ignorance sometimes doesn’t let us realize what these symbols stand for and what is actually happening around us…

In Greek mythology, Saturn was the leader of the first generation of the Titans who ruled during the “gold era”, after he had won and defeated his father, Uranus. Fearing that he might have the same fate, he swallowed the children born by his wife, Rea, until she decided to hide her last born child, Jeus, and instead of him she gave Saturn a rock to eat. When Jeus grew up, he freed his brothers by poisoning Saturn. In the war that followed between the Titans and the Olympians (The Clash of the Titans),which lasted for 10 years, Saturn and his allies, the Titans, were defeated by Zeus and the Olympians and were prisoned in chains in the internal of the Earth (Tartara).


The rings nebula that surrounded planet Saturn are obviously a widely known symbol.

Many people, including Jordan Maxwell (as he mentions in his book “Matrix of Power”) believe that the ring people use when they get married, was and continues to be a symbol of God Saturn. In the same symbolism of Saturn was depicted in Catholic monks’ haircut, who only left a “ring” in the perimeter. Something similar seems to be symbolized by the round hat “yarmulke”, known as “kippah”, whose “peculiar” similarity to the zucchetto of the Popish cannot be ommitted…

A “distinguished” position among the world of symbolic hats, is given to “Saturno” of course, known as well as “Capello Romano” of the Catholic priests, which beyond its shape, states , states clearly that its name is owed to planet Saturn. It is usually black and decorated with ribbons or various colors, which correspond to the degree of Hierarchy they have, where the popes hat is red with gold ornaments.

Beyond these, the nebula rings around Saturn appear (or are considered to appear) in various logos of compass. And are shown (without any misunderstanding) through various artist.


Since 2004, when spacecraft Cassini of NASA approached planet Saturn, it has been photographing, among others, the North pole of the planet. This sequence of photos reveals a mysterious and impressive hexagon, which, so far, is impossible to be explained by scientists. Its size is four times the size of the Earth, there are strong winds blowing around it in circles and this mysterious hexagon changes colours as time goes by (which may be due to the changes of seasons on the planet). However, what is really weird is that either it is ancient knowledge or metaphysics, or even “divine coincidence”, or whatever anyone could think of, the star with six tops and the hexagon used to be symbols of the worship of Saturn centuries before the NASA photos revealed the hexagon on its pole.

The most well-known cube is Caaba (Al – caba= the cube) which is located in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the holy city of Muslims, where million of people gather every year to make a circular move around it depicting (as some suggest) the movement of the clouds around the hexagons of the poles of Saturn (you can see the similarity in the video that follows) or (as others suggest) depicting the rings around Saturn, offering their energy (as both versions suggest) to the “dark” strength.

9/24/2015 when more than 700 were killed because people trampled on people and not a few people believe that this was another sacrifice. A sacrifice which took place on the Saturnial cube with the biggest amount of energy on Earth, a day after the Autumnal Equinox, whereas those days the Pope was in New York, where he was serving a “Remembrance” on the spot of Twin Towers, where in the past another sacrifice was “held” and on which there are two black cubes.

In both spots there are cubes – “monuments”, maybe to remind everyone who the “lord of this world is”…

In Jewish religion, we come across the black cube with the name “Tefillin”. Tefillin which is also called “plylacteries” (from the greek word for protection) is a small leather cube that includes a parchment wrapped in a shape of cylinder, with lines from Tora and it is worn on the forehead or arm by Jewish men during morning prayers.

[Note: The word “tefillin” in grammar is plural, while singular (meaning something unique) is “tefillah”]

Looking for cubes around the world, we significantly see..

… In New York, the new entrance of the Apple shop in 5th Avenue in Manhattan

To be noticed, that the shop is under the glass cube, and people enter through a stair which is on the surface of the cube.

Again in New York… The sculpture is called “Alamo”, “Cooper Cube” or just “the Cube” and is located in the middle of Astor Place in New York. It is said that the name “Alamo”, was given after the cube showed an “impenetrable power” similar to the one shown during the last waiting in the renowned fortress of Texas…

… in Prague. In the black cube, with dimensions 7x7x7 m., a panoramic projection takes place with visual signals that transmit sound in a clear data ambience. It was a gate towards a virtual and very realistic world…

… again in Czech republic. The cube which is located in city Brno, is made of black granite, has an edge of 3.14 m. and is a monument for Jewish and Roma, victims of the Second World War. There is a stream of water under the cube as a symbol of catharsis and forgiveness…

… in Hamburg, the “Cube Hamburg 2007”, of 46 ft height, was constructed with fabric and was placed in front of the most ancient museum of Hamburg…

… in the central highway of Santa Ana in California, in Discovere Science Center (DSC) that belongs to a non- governmental foundation (NGF). It is an educational center devoted to the education of new brain (no comment), to the supply of help to teachers and the increase of the undestanding of science by the crowd, with almost 500.000 visitors per year…

… In Thessaloniki (IET), in 2015 in “World of Innovation” a cube was demonstated (sculptor Pavlos Kougioumtzis and constructor Nikos Yiantsis) and… to be more precise a cubic Earth (!), which was nailed on a stick (!) and all of it could balance on a pyramid (!) in a multi-dimensional symbolism…

… in Barcaldine of Queensland, which covers the 200th “Tree of Knowledge” where the so-called festival takes place

… but in other places too…

..in the meditation room (!) in the United Nations building in New York, a black “altar” 6.5 ton of iron-metal

… in Curt Cobain’s tomb, leader, composer, singer and guitarist of the band Nirvana who was considered a representative of his generation (the so-called “Generation-X”) and who dealt with drug addiction the last years of his li…

… in “avant guard” photos…

…up to the cubish spacecraft in Star Trek…

and finally in Google…

..in the sky too, as cubish ATIA have been reported to appear (with the most recent report in Texas, without prejudice), as in space, where according to “UFO Sightings Daily” blog , a black cube has been detected in a lot of pictures of SOHO for which Scott C. Waring says… “Sometimes we see it in three dimensions and others, like this, in two…”

Black cubish ATIA (UFO) or just a black square for something NASA wants to hide (or else “Never A Straight Answer”)?

Finally, even though we are not in the position to know if there is any connection with the cubes of our subject, we include an informative video which was uploaded in October 2016 and which presents a suspending cube somewhere in the countryside of Jordan, under the supervision of U.S soldiers (to be noticed that this video could possibly be a production of editing).

connected to number 666, but because of the fact that this is a “special” number, we are not going to expand, since it is going to be the subject of another article. However, until then… why could Saturn be associated with 666? The basis of the concept that identifies them is simple.

Saturn is the 6th in order planet from the Sun, is symbolized with a 6-tip star, its day is the sixth of the week and there appears to be a huge hexagon in its North Pole…


It is about the reknown star with the 6 tips and the hexagon (in a two-dimensional level) or the cube (in a three- dimensional level) in the middle of it.

We have come across this since the Mayas and ancient Egypt, where it was considered the symbol of God Saturn and which was the sign of the Egyptian police officer of that time, and which was worn by American sherifs from wild West up to our days. Also we have seen it in the “amulet of Saturn” which was used for centuries by the alchemists, astrologists, metaphysically oriented botanologists and shamans…

We see it as a symbol in Judaism, Induism, Islam (Sounits), Buddhism, Christianism (Catholics), Zainism, Marmones, Satanism, even in Mysticism, Masons e.ct. Even if “experts” claim that the reason for this common apperance of the symbol in various Eastern and Western religions is “unknown”, common sense imposes the explanation that it refers to something much more ancient that the religions.

In contemporary era, among others, we notice it as dominant in the coat of art of Rothchild family, which seems to have imposed the star in the flag of Israel instead of the menorah (the seven-branch candelabrum), despite the intense reaction of the Jewish. It is estimated that the title “David’s Star”, was given as a “coverage” since the six-edged star doesn’t seem to have a connection with David.

According to a specific “perspective”, the Six-lined star is identified with number 666, having 6 edges and including 6 triangles and one hexagon (3×6)

Finally, we indicate a design on a crop which is associated, in our view, with the alien factor, and which presents a hexagon and a six-lined star in a united “pattern”…


Many people, within the general identification of Saturn and any demon in our era (as mentioned at the beginning of the article), attribute to Saturn the classic reversed 5-tip star, the classic satanic symbol of hermaphroditus- split-foot Bafomet.


When the various symbols – messages are conveyed in the subconscious, they affect our consciousness and behaviour. Since Saturn and its symbols are usually identified with Evil, we focus, without realizing it, on negative energies of low vibrations that are connected to it…

People should be aware of the mysticist symbols with which he is bombarded, in order to be able to identify them and not let them affect him. It is necessary for someone to raise awareness to the rest that don’t know what is really happening and in which way something that seems to be an indifferent pattern and symbol, is connected with the plans of dark powers.

Finally, we should know that despite their continuous attempts (either clear and “formal” ones or hidden and looking like “leaks of top secret information”) to convince us that they control everything, THEY DON’T… not to the point that they would like to… and it is every person’s duty to object, as much as possible.


Under no circumstances do we deplore any religious belief, nor do we absolutely agree with everything that has been written. The article was composed as an effort to briefly inform on what is happening, being written, believed, supposed as far as the complex Saturn matter is concerned.


[1] A necessary clarification because this matter is widely unknown. According to Christian religion , “Lucifer” (“the one who brings the light”) was the name of the greatest of the Arkhangelsk BEFORE his apostasy. After that, he fell of the Creation and lost his title, which his worshippers continue to use, instead of “Satan” (Devil, Wicked, e.ct) that the Church uses.

[2] According to another theory, since at that era people used to shave the heads of the slaves, the monks shaved their heads to symbolize, on the one hand, that they are “slaves of Christ” and on the other hand, they left a little hair to shape a “crown” as a symbol of the spiky crown of Christ during his crucifiction.


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