On every conspirator’s lips, a family shrouded in mystery for their unprecedented wealth, are the Rothschilds who have been making headlines or the equivalent of those since the early 18th century. There have been a plethora of stories on how they had once been the world’s richest family and even now, in 2020, they hold significant wealth to be one of the richest families on the planet. However, no one knows their exact net worth as they keep it discrete and out of the public eye.

They tricked the British government and acquired a significant amount of wealth.

Perhaps one of the most quoted incidents surrounding the Rothschild family was during the battle of waterloo in 1815. Promptly after the battle, a compelling political pamphlet was distributed and became a worldwide sensation. It was written by ‘Satan’ who told the story of Nathan Rothschild – the man who exploited the British government by gaining around 20 million francs overnight. According to ‘Satan’, Rothschild mysteriously knew of the French army’s defeat before England did during the war and was able to exploit the stock markets – buying them in cheap, becoming one of the richest men in the country.

So to speak, his wealth started as a fraud or a form of trickery – how was he able to perform it? No one knows. It is true, however, that a large number of people do not appreciate how he acquired this massive wealth.

Nathan Rothschild Quote

The Wars of the World were the Rothschild Family’s puppet to make more cash.

This family is driven by their unprecedented greed to acquire more and more wealth and it is said that they can go to great lengths to achieve it. Brian Dunning, an expert investigator, believes that the Rothschilds have been said to have assassinated US presidents, create warlike scenarios to finance both sides but eventually come on the top regardless of anyone winning. They make exorbitant amounts of money because of this endless warfare as they finance arms deals, thereby, making their businesses boom. He goes as far as to quote people who think this family is the ‘true power’ in terms of money behind Israel’s creation. As the family expands they have become even more involved in investment banking and now own large banks all around the world.

Jacob Rothschild

They are one of the four horsemen behind the biggest oil companies in the world.

Often when Rothschilds are mentioned, they are mentioned as synonymous to Illuminati, and more popularly the promoters of the New World Order.

With their toes dipped in almost every large multi-national enterprise, along with having control over the overarching global banking system, we can only wonder how far they will go to make sure their influence is never lessened and will their desire to expand be ever curbed? The theory that the Rothschild family is in works to create a new one-world government becomes extremely believable especially because most of the knowledge about their wealth is shrouded in darkness. How do they sustain their business can only be subject to speculation.

 The paranoia and fear surrounding such a family aren’t unfounded because oftentimes, especially after visiting their official site, you are unaware of the family’s ongoing activities

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