On May 1969, just a couple of months before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their historic moon landing, three NASA astronauts aboard Apollo 10 were orbiting the moon. Everything was going pretty smoothly for a dress rehearsal of sorts for the actual moon landing mission. These astronauts were on a mission to test the technology that allowed the rocket’s lunar lander module to detach and re-attach to the command module. But while Apollo 10’s modules were separated for several hours, the crew members began hearing strange sounds on their radio. This seemed quite odd to them as they were passing over the far side of the moon, beyond the reach of any earthly signals. The three startled crew members somehow managed to capture the strange noise on an audio recording. They later described the whistling sound as “outer-spacy,” “weird,” and “eerie.”

An episode of the Science Channel series “NASA’s Unexplained Files” recounts the conversation and includes this audio clip.

The three astronauts on board were Eugene Cernan, Thomas Stafford, and John Young. The trio were really spooked out, they felt the sounds were so strange that they wouldn’t be taken seriously if they reported this back to NASA. They even feared they would be dropped from future space missions. The whistling sound lasted almost an hour. Eventually, the recordings were sent back to Mission Control where they were transcribed, archived and classified.

Although there is no record of the astronauts discussing the noise with higher authorities, the conversation was eventually unearthed in 2008. The mystery still remains till date of what actually those eerie sound and they were never heard again. The three astronauts eventually did go back to space on separate missions; John Young walked on the moon as the commander of Apollo 16. Eugene Cernan became the last man to walk on the moon. Stafford went back to space but never to the moon. The trio still gets goosebumps when thinking of the outer-space “music”.


Over the decades, scientists have tried to crack this mystery and they came up with many possible explanations. One of which is that the sound resulted from charged particles that interfered with the radio communications between the two separated modules. However, it was also observed that the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, contradicting this theory. Some scientists have rationalized this creepy sound to have been originated from interference from VHF radios on the command module and lunar module interacting with each other.

Some don’t think these explanations are adequate.

Theorists and UFO enthusiasts believe that this outer-space sound was created by aliens and the radio picked it up. They are sure that what the three astronauts experienced was proof of life in outer space, which was later covered up by NASA to keep the truth from the world. Some even believe that the spirits of ancient astronauts who lost their lives in space were trying to reach out from the world beyond to tell their stories.

NASA has made the recording publicly accessible so head on over to hear this creepy music and give us your thoughts. Do you agree with the scientists and think the whistling sounds were merely interference from VHF radios or do think supernatural beings were trying to communicate with the astronauts? Whatever your thoughts may be, we are sure the creepy “music” is enough to keep you away from radios for good.




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