If you’re a 90’s kid, then like many of us, you have grown up watching The Simpsons. This beloved family has entertained us for over thirty-one years and is the longest-running sitcom/animated series ever. The critically acclaimed show is considered no less than a television phenomenon. What is it that keeps us glued to this animated program even after a whopping three decades? The Simpsons easily merge the everyday life of an American family with politics, pop culture, and much more in a humorous satire. But is that enough to keep it running for 31 seasons and counting? No. It’s the show’s predictions or as its fans call “prophecies” that have an uncanny way of coming true. The Simpsons gained a lot of popularity when it was noted that its writers have managed to predict many major events – from 9/11 to the most recent outbreak, the coronavirus. The Simpsons predicted them all years before they took place – just a coincidence? Maybe not.

From the time The Simpsons first aired on television in 1989 to date, creator Matt Groening and his team of brilliant writers have predicted many world-altering events. Its fans were no less in documenting these prophecies and presenting them to the world. Let’s look at some of them.

President Donald Trump

In season 11, Episode 17 – Bart to the Future, when Bart time travels into adulthood, we can see that President Lisa is having a financial crisis as the president before she has left America bankrupt. And who was that president? None other than Donald Trump. Shockingly, this episode aired in 2000, a whole 16 years before the actual Trump presidency came to be!

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Disney Takes Over Fox

In season 10, Episode 5 – When You Wish Upon a Star, in a scene when the family visits Hollywood, we can see a Fox sign stating, “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” Disney announced the actual takeover on December 14, 2017, and that too twenty years after the foretelling!

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The Existence of God Particle

In 1998, an episode of The Simpsons pictured Homer standing in front of a blackboard with an equation that predicted the mass of the God particle or Higgs boson – a groundbreaking discovery that explains everything has a mass. Unbelievable fact – this theory wasn’t confirmed until 2012!


There had been many depictions in the ’80s and ’90s of this, but nothing came as close as The Simpsons. In an episode in season 6 – Lisa’s Wedding, fans can see Lisa using FaceTime to talk to Marge, predating iPhones by 15 years!

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Global Pandemic

In an episode called Marge in Chains, it is believed that The Simpsons predicted the coronavirus in 1993. Although there are differences, the similarities cannot be unseen, in that episode the residents of Springfield are infected with a virus called Osaka Flu after ordering kitchen appliances from Japan. The virus is transmitted by air and has flu-like symptoms.

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Another bone-chilling prediction made by the writers of The Simpsons is the lockdown we are all facing today. In The Simpsons Movie (2007), the whole town is quarantined by the government to stop the spread of radiation transmitted by the power plant.

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Tom Hank’s Isolation

The most recent and uncanny prediction has to be Tom Hanks isolating himself after being tested positive for COVID’19. The famous actor has just announced that he and his wife have contracted the virus while traveling in Australia and will now need to be in complete isolation. Right after this announcement, the Simpsons’ fandom reminded everyone of Tom Hank’s cameo in The Simpsons Movie (2007), where he asked his fans to leave him alone.

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After so many predictions, the creators of The Simpsons still argue that these are mere coincidences and that the show has been going on for so long that history is just repeating itself. But how is it possible that their foretelling is always on point? Is it really a coincident or are these prophecies meant as warnings for humankind? Are they just writers with a creative imagination or they have a mirror to the future? Can they be getting help from aliens or another supernatural being? What other prediction will we witness? Only time will tell!

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