Have you heard about the place where everything disappears?

Can you imagine reaching a place on the earth where you can never come back from? Well. There is such a place. One of the most famous mysteries of the world is the Bermuda Triangle.

Also known as the Devil’s Triangle.

It is a roughly triangular region in the North Atlantic Ocean – Florida, Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda form the points of this triangle.  It is said that any ship that crosses this region, disappears under mysterious circumstances. Airborne planes have been reported to disappear too once they enter the area of this triangle.

If everyone here disappears then who did we find out about this place? Vincent Gaddis named this place in 1964 but it became popular because of another author, Charles Berlitz, who wrote about it in his book “The Bermuda Triangle”. Some people claim that the first mentions of the Bermuda Triangle appeared in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” where a massive shipwreck took hundreds of lives. In the Shakespearean narration, it is revealed that that the shipwreck was caused by Ariel – a magical spirit possessing unbounded power.

Different theories exist about the Triangle and the missing vessels. Some argue that Atlantis lies at the bottom of the Triangle and emit crystal energies that sink ships. Others argue time portals or alien bases are the cause of the disappearances. Others have tried less drastic and more palatable theories to explain this mystery and believe resolutely that there is a ‘scientific explanation’ behind this phenomenon of disappearance. It is believed that large pockets of methane gas exist in the region – this gas rises to the water surfaces and causes the ship or plane to sink.

Some people believe that the sea is exceptionally rough in that region. It is possible that under scrutiny the mystery of the famed Bermuda Triangle will start to break down. For one, it turns out that some ships reported having disappeared in the Triangle did not exist in real life – they were completely made up by individuals wanting to do their part in this mystery. But that is not to say that some ships and places did not disappear, or sink, in the triangle. Could that have simply been due to rough storms – a natural occurrence?

At the same time, some people believe that gravity-related distortions at this part of the world disturb the compasses, causing them to point true North instead of magnetic north, which can cause navigation issues, ultimately leading to untimely shipwrecks and airplane crashes.

Despite its reputation, the Triangle is one of the busiest sea routes in the world, used for commerce, travel, and leisure. Commercial flights regularly pass around it. Why do we continue to move past this place when it is dangerous? There are people in the world who think that simply by the sheer number of traffic in the region, accidents are bound to happen. And accidents are bound to be more than other less busy areas.

They write off the increased number of sinking ships and places as part of several probable disasters that tend to occur. So what is the real truth? Are any of these explanations true?

Is it possible that in reality, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle persists due to lies, mistakes, and overactive imaginations? Is the truth far less exciting than underwater cities or alien labs? Well, there is no way to know for sure because if there is no investigable phenomenon now, it doesn’t mean nothing disastrous persisted before. As of now, many continue to write about the alluring mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, trying to understand what happened.

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