Like any other industry, Hollywood is riddled with problems. One major problem which they continue to be repeatedly guilty of is a misrepresentation, deliberate, or unintentional. For decades aliens, extraterrestrials, and other forms of life from outer space are portrayed as a tiny green biped, with often huge heads and scaly skin all over. This applies to both the ones out to destroy our civilization and those who come in peace. What writers, directors, and most importantly the audience fails to understand is that our perception of aliens could not be further from the truth. Our hunt for aliens and our desire to make contact with them has been highly unsuccessful since we were able to exit the Earth’s orbit and then safely return. This is because we continue to cast them into a mold which makes it more digestible to the masses as it is easier to show a foreign creature that has fundamental physical characteristics of humans instead of hinting at their true form.

Given that our planet is a mere 4.5 billion years old compared to the 14 billion-year-old universe we live in, it can be assumed very safely that most alien species are light years ahead of us in terms of intellectual capabilities and intelligence. After all, there is a significant gap between the quality of intelligence. There’s basic and primitive animal level intelligence. Then there’s the more superior human intelligence. At the top comes the intelligence of these aliens who presumably have reached the singularity. Singularity is the concept that at a certain point in a species’ evolution where all the changes in the past million years are superseded by the change in the next five minutes. The rate at which this change occurs is totally mind-boggling and possibly unquantifiable in human terms. Hence, it would be perfectly reasonable to believe that many alien species are trillion times, maybe more than that, intelligent than mankind. Having reached such a level of knowledge and intellect, their technology would have progressed enough for them to transcend their static physical being.

The most developed of these species would not be artificial intelligence living in machines, as that is just another phase of evolution, not its end goal. Humanity is currently in the early stages of making sense of this evolutionary step, one that will eventually be replaced by its successor. Truly advanced species will likely to be organized intelligently on the atomic scale, and likely even on scales far smaller. Aliens, and eventually humans, will evolve until they are pure, willful conscious energy or something even beyond that. These species have already figured out what we are just beginning to realize; that biology and ones and zeroes in machines are too rudimentary to be very functional in the longevity and progress of a species. Truly higher intellectual species occupy a realm that is much similar to the spiritual one, making them closer to our perception of ghosts as opposed to aliens. These beings can travel millions of light-years almost instantaneously as all their actions are conducive to one goal – personal power over nature. Everything else is discarded as non-functional and nonessential.

The crux of the problem with aliens and humans is we’re not hearing or seeing them because we don’t have ways to understand their language. It’s simply beyond our comprehension and physical abilities, given the acceleration of intelligence. We all have to follow the same rules and principles of physics. We are still in a process of understanding most of them so that we could utilize them to our benefit. And who knows maybe a 100 or 250 years later, our intelligence might be advanced enough to at least understand and communicate with advanced intellectual species which might allow us to further accelerate our intelligence.

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