A woman named Lilly living in Virginia, USA did a pregnancy test and it came out negative. She went to the doctor and was told she is not pregnant. However, she was damn sure and visited again but the answer remained the same.

Her inner knowingness didn’t let her believe and she refused the medical reports and machines altogether only to find out later she was right the entire time. Yes, she was indeed pregnant and this happened with her two pregnancies.

When you hear about spirituality usually pregnancy is not the first thing that comes to mind but you cannot deny that it is a sacred and spiritual time. It is considered as a passage from women to motherhood. The bodies of women are changed forever and not only their bodies, their minds and souls too. No matter where the child is you can never undo being a mother.

Walking, Talking And Functioning Spirit Portals

We all have heard about such portals and many movies revolve around this concept. If you think clearly if there is to be a bridge between matter and spirit who else it could be than a mother to be?

Not only a body is forming inside a pregnant lady but she also becomes an anchor kind of a portal through which a soul is incarnated. This is almost mind-boggling what happens inside a womb in just nine months.

This edge that women have cannot be taken away from them because the doorway is there even when they are not pregnant. Women’s intuition is a thing because when they are not even seeking it the drips of spirits can seep through a little.

This kind of explains why some women suddenly start experiencing new things when they conceive. For some, this doorway may shut soon after childbirth but for others, it may never close again. This has a lot to do with fear and personal desire. If a woman wants to keep it open she can but if it freaks her out it will be closed. So, nothing to worry about there!

Spooky Things Happenings

Many mommies-to-be talks about strange occurrences and stuff happening to them. they may see or hear something in their surroundings like a door opening or a glass breaking when no one else is around.

It does sound like a typical ghost story that kids share at sleepovers but in reality, it is a bit more interesting. For ladies having a baby in their womb, it is nothing major if the greater realm is considered just blips in the spiritual realm.

This should not scare the pregnant ladies ideally but for someone who doesn’t know, that can be terrifying. Many start to believe something is wrong with them or the house. Several women have reported having zero paranormal experiences and suddenly when they are pregnant it starts happening frequently.

A Connection To Intuition

Pregnancy works like a connection to intuition for many and it can become a spiritual experience. A woman can feel life moving inside her which hints towards the movement of our universe and how every little thing is interconnected. As a parent, enlightenment may come after a unique struggle. There is a deep connection to an unborn soul before the childbirth.

Birth Is Sacred

How can we not discuss birth when we are talking about spirituality in pregnancy? Who can deny that birthing a child in itself is sacred? It gives women an ability to connect to the parts of themselves that were undiscovered before.

The birth of a child is nothing less than a miracle!

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