The wonder of Giza pyramids has left researchers, engineers, and scientists scratching their heads. These gigantic mysteries stand out there in the desert with a big question mark regarding human abilities and technologies, the past and the present.

Several millennia have passed since these architecture marvels were constructed, we are still not even close to solving this riddle. There seems to be no one plausible explanation good enough to get any consensus on the mind-boggling details about the biggest pyramid.

There have been multiple archaeological excavations of varying degrees conducted on the pyramids, each bringing out baffling discoveries that offer more questions than answers. There were some paintings and wall carvings which briefly enlightened historians but limited discoveries from Giza pyramids offered nothing conclusive. For many historians, it has become a source of frustration and many have gone crazy trying to break into the reality of these majestic beauties. This frustration, call it an obsession or craziness, paved way for the origination of several speculative theories.

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With a rich ancient history and breadth of early human architecture on display, Ancient Egyptian society has many more mysterious structures than just the pyramids. Egyptian history is full of such intricate structures that remain unsolved from historical, anthropological and archaeological perspectives. Even the ideas about Egyptian civilization’s beliefs and religions are peculiar, to say the least. It seems like they worshipped the skies above which is perfectly fine because it is symbolically affiliated to the heavens and signals towards the Divine. It would have been understandable if it would have stopped there but it only gets interesting.

This ancient civilization believed in the offerings and bounties from skies above, and it seems like ‘they got many’. There are countless accounts in their ancient texts where it has been explicitly mentioned as part of their recollection. Anything that they got from the sky was considered a ‘gift’. This belief of this ancient society has intrigued historians and conspiracy theorists alike.

The discoveries like Tutankhamun’s tomb further added fuel to this fire. Inside the tomb of this deceased king, riches of all sorts were kept but what caught the attention of modern academics was a mere iron dagger.

Alien NationAn Iron Dagger from the Bronze Age


Now, what is so intriguing about this dagger, is the fact that King Tutankhamun belonged to the times when Egypt was still in its Bronze Age.

How did he even have an iron dagger when the world didn’t even know about how to extract this metal in a useable form?

Egyptians believed and wrote about the bones of God made of iron. They believed that iron came from the heavens above. Could that really be the case? Was iron delivered to Earth from other parts of our universe in some form? Questions remain; where from, by whom, and how?

The Mystery of Tutankhamun’s Dagger | What on Earth?

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We may never be able to crack this or maybe we can. But for now, this iron dagger stands a mystery because, as the above video suggests that, it was technologically impossible to manufacture iron in any useable form. The possibility of it having been presented as a gift from other regional civilizations who were ahead in technology has been ruled out by historians because no one was able to produce that metal in the pre-modern world at that point in history. Hear this, the dagger has not rusted much, even after all these centuries.

The dagger in question contained a high content of nickel and traces of cobalt. Now, this has become the primary reason for a theory that suggests that the origin of this dagger doesn’t belong to the Earth.

‘King Tutankhamun’s Tomb Was Guarded by Aliens’

This sounds absurd because it has been years since people have entered it. However, if you go back to the time when it was first discovered in 1922 by English archaeologist Howard Carter, you’ll know that this is not at all absurd.

So much has happened since the sealed gate of the tomb has trespassed.

It is well-known for centuries that many people believed in ‘curse of the pharaohs’ – “an alleged curse believed by some to be cast upon any person who disturbs the mummy of an Ancient Egyptian person, especially a pharaoh.”

Similarly, there was a resulting superstition or belief that if someone tried to enter the Pharaoh’s tomb, that person would face a fatal reality from this curse.

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This sounded like a myth until it became a nightmare for this excavation team. The opening of this particular tomb was followed by a series of unfortunate events.

Number one, a beloved canary of excavation team leader, Howard Carter, was found dead in the mouth of a cobra, which had completely taken over Carter’s bid cage. Allegedly, this incident happened around the same day when the tomb of King Tut was opened. And why this account revitalized the belief in long-standing superstition was due to the fact that ‘Cobra’ was a symbolic snake associated with the Pharaoh.

Secondly, Lord Carnarvon (the financier of this excavation project or treasure hunt) was bitten by a mosquito and died of a blood-borne disease mysteriously within a few weeks.

The strange part was a mosquito had bitten him in the same spot where Tutankhamun himself was apparently wounded. Another ‘link to the curse’ was established when the archeologist’s home got burnt down mysteriously after this person had visited and work in the excavations of the tomb.

People freaked out and started to seriously question whether all this is happening because of the curse? Seven deaths, altogether, are associated to the opening to Tutu’s tomb, which is more than the number claimed by the ‘Curse of Oak Island’ –

Was there actually a curse? According to Egyptian texts, curses were tools of a magical technology gifted to them by their extra-terrestrial gods.

This made the basis of a theory that maybe this fearsome curse of Pharaoh was, perhaps, some kind of an alien force that was used to protect the tombs of bygone kings. This alien or supernatural technology was activated as soon as the gate of the tomb was trespassed by excavators.

Ancient astronaut theorists are sure about this alien theory as the magical bricks were found at the tomb.

Ancient Aliens: King Tut’s Alien Protectors

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Four bricks in four cardinal positions were found at Tutu’s tomb. They all were allegedly inscribed with magical spells. These spells are said to be from the Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ which are used to protect the dead.

They believed in the power of words, hence, the spells maybe just some words, but they are imbued with a cosmic force that aliens can access. If yes, then why would they want to guard a king’s dead body? Or is there something else that they have hidden with the dead Pharaohs? Or maybe this all points towards a possibility of reincarnation.

To Be Continued ….

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