Why is everyone so scared to talk about it? Why do we never get to see this being discussed on elitist mainstream media?

Why don’t we hear about it often on popular media when internet and social media (including scientific publications, blogs, and videos) is filled with content regarding this mysterious celestial body, trying to decipher and understand every innate detail of this planet? The question is whether this planet is really hypothetical as we are made to believe?

With this article, we are not assuredly saying that we are 100% sure that Planet X or Nibiru (also referred to as Planet 9). Neither is the purpose of article to present you with so-called ‘authentic’ scientific data or observations to totally refute the possibility of Planet X. All we want to do is open a discussion and lay down some information and facts on this controversial planet that may or may not completely alter the face of the earth and forever change or end the human life as we know it.

So what is Planet X?
Planet X, also known as Planet Nine or Nibiru, is the possible ninth planet beyond Neptune in our solar system. Since Pluto is no longer considered a ‘planet’ by definition, to date scientific community or NASA keep trying to push away the idea of Planet X existing.

As per NASA, this is a ‘Hypothetical Planet X’ [1] in their list of planets on their page about Solar System Exploration and considers only 8 (eight) primary planets from Mercury to Neptune. Even though there has been a lot of buzz in the scientific and academic community about this planet existing, the general view that is presented to the common population is that we should not think about this Planet X. Even if we ignore the traditional Mayan and Sumerian knowledge on this subject found from extensive archaeological work and thorough study about their texts, we can’t simply refuse all the scientific studies and observations/experience of many people about this mysterious Planet.

Nibiru is the ‘Sumerian for 12th Planet’ [2]. It could be said that this Nibiru planet came first to light from a linguist and ancient astronauts’ expert, Zecharia Sitchin in 1976. According to his book which was based on his work studying old Babylonian and Mesopotamian texts, he claimed that ‘Nibiru is inhabited by an alien race called the Anunnaki, who are referred to in the Bible as the Nephilim.’ [3] He has suggested that the Anunnaki previously came to Earth long time back looking for minerals and gold and they created humans as a slave race by mixing their DNA to do the work. Amongst other claims, he stated that ‘Nibiru has an elongated orbit around the Sun, which takes 3,600 years [2].’

This theory or similar versions have been propagated and believed by many people today. A popular name amongst these on the internet is that of Nancy Lieder who had slightly different association with Nibiru. She put forth the idea for Nibiru cataclysm in 1995 where she claimed that this Nibiru planet would either hit the Earth or it will pass close-by, resulting in horrific events for the Earth and human life.

NANCY LIEDER – Planet X Pole Shift Nibiru is Now Inbound

Although she has initially claimed that such an event was going to happen in 2003, but according to Wikipedia and Zetatalk (Nancy’s website), she said ‘it was merely a “white lie … to fool the establishment.” She refused to disclose the true date, saying that to do so would give those in power enough time to declare martial law and trap people in cities during the shift, leading to their deaths.’

This shift mentioned above is the Cataclysmic pole shift theory that is supported by people with huge followings. This refers to the relative change in position of geographical location of Earth’s poles and its axis of rotation which will get affected drastically by (close) encounter with Planet X or Nibiru, creating havoc for human life on Earth.

One of the leading voices regarding this is David Icke who has got very detailed explanations on this subject and why the world elites and establishment does not want to tell the world population about this impending interaction of Earth with Planet X.

Check out this very fascinating YouTube video titled ‘Planet X Inbound -Affecting Earth Wobble -Pole Shift Accelerating

Other people with popular insights include the likes of David Meade, who linked the wrongly interpreted Mayan prediction of 2012, to Nibiru cataclysm. Although his timelines (in 2012 and 2017) keep changing about Planet X colliding and magnetic forces of earth affecting the core of our planet, in future, he does provide some very interesting reasoning and explanations that why this thing is real. For more information on his views, you can check out his book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival.

In 2012, when the end of a ‘period’ in Mayan calendar was wrongly considered by some people out there to be the end of the world, NASA around that time refuted the claims absolutely. You can their read feature from 2012 published on NASA website about this prediction. [4]

People associating Nibiru cataclysm with Mayan 2012 phenomenon were wrong but is NASA right to completely reject the other point of views. Can it be that some parts of those theories may hold true? Is it possible that differing voices (against mainstream media and governments) know that something like Planet X exists and is real, but may not have entirely decoded the facts of this mysterious planet?

In Part 2 of this blog, we will tell you about new scientific studies in the past few years that show with significant certainty that the possibility of Planet Nine or Planet X is real based on solid evidence. Even NASA, hasn’t been able to refuse these studies and have been calling this ‘Hypothetical Planet’ when initially they called it outright hoax. Isn’t that just amazing that they would make us believe that beyond Neptune, there is no celestial body like a major planet that can impact human life like never before?

Stay tuned for the Part 2 with amazing evidence and infographics giving you all the technical facts about recent scientific studies.

Evidence of a Ninth Planet


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