Have you heard about Area 51? Did you know that a place more mysterious and puzzling exists in the UK, as well?

Wiltshire County, located in South West England, is home to the deepest and darkest secrets of our world. We just don’t know how to uncover these secrets yet. The County has the infamous Rudloe Manor, an innocuous building that has been around since the 1200s.

Fast forward to 1940, Countess Raben, the daughter of a German Count, sold the manor to Air Ministry to aid in the war effort. The military had the manor transformed into an underground facility hidden from the eyes of the world. Tunnels were dug around and warplanes were built deep underground so that this facility could be kept safe from German bombing missions.

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Why would the secret factions of the government choose Wiltshire Country for any investigation into the extra-terrestrial life beyond? If you do a little bit of digging, you will find out about the mysterious crop circles and the ancient Stonehenge monument present in this county.

What do these sites have to say about this small county’s universal significance? Let’s find out.

Crop Circles

Understanding what crop circles are can be perplexing, they are after all a puzzling thing. Imagine strange patterns appearing on an innocent-looking cornfield and without any identifiable source that claims responsibility for carving these circles.

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After World War II, the manor and its military facilities were seemingly decommissioned but thousands of people are witness to how this site is still up and running. It is home to many ‘claimed’ UFO sightings and is believed to be the main headquarter of UFO investigations. Odd, no?

Are you taken aback? It is hard to not be struck by their intricate designs that have mathematical integrity and consistency. Crop circles are believed to be a powerful natural phenomenon. These patterns have been appearing on the ground for centuries, and they have been provoking intrigue ever since. What looks like ancient runes carved into the ground, are believed by many to be a source of magical energy.

Some people have seen crop circles appear on the ground right after seeing a flying saucer in the sky. This is why crop circles are alternatively known as ‘flying saucer nests’. Other people believe that these crop circles are some ancient or extra-terrestrial language that is carved into the ground by our fellow universe-rs trying to communicate with us.

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Credit; Temporary Temples

In Wiltshire County, several crop circles have appeared over the last couple of decades. The most famous crop circle appeared across Stonehenge in 1996, known as the Julia Set. It formed on the ground in less than an hour as people watched “an isolated mist” that just got bigger and began spinning and getting bigger and bigger. The witnesses stood in complete silence – awestruck.

How did this occur? Why did this occur? What was this force covered in mist, making the most perfect depiction of a complex mathematical diagram? It cannot be something man-made since many witnesses could not see anyone human on this site. So what was it? Is there some kind of being that can visibly cloak itself? We think so because if not, what possible alternative answer do we have?

The facts are here for all of us to witness. You can find out more detailed accounts of this incident here.

Stonehenge – Sacred and Ancient

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The Stonehenge is an ancient monument believed to be pre-historic. The ring of standing stones has been around since the 3000-2000 BC; how and why it came to exist or be constructed is a global mystery. The megalithic size of the stones begs the question: How were the stones brought to this location back in the 3000 BC? What kind of technology or human strength was used? If we are to believe that a group of humans was able to move these huge stones, then why do it?

This mysterious monument has given ruse to much speculation. Ancient humans did not have the technology to move these stones so who helped them? Could it be extraterrestrial beings who were able to move the stones with their advanced technologies or some powers that we cannot even think of?

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Some theorists believe that it is an ancient observatory that looked into the stars and beyond. If that is true, why were ancient humans looking out towards the skies? Who built this observatory for them? It is possible that this monument was built by our extra-terrestrial Prometheans who wanted us to be able to contact them and see their worlds.

Now let’s come back to Wilshire County and the Rudloe Manor.

Do you finally understand why the secret government facility exists at Rudloe and why it is investigating aliens, UFOs, and space? We believe that the government is using the ancient power of the stones and the powerful energy of the crop circles to reach out to others in the universe. What do you think?

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